Murud Janjira, Diveagar Overview

A wooden structure created in 16th century by some fishermen in order to seek protection from pirates, today this impregnable fort serves as an important tourist attraction.

It is also believed to be the stronghold of the Siddy Dynasty. What makes this structure all the more striking is its beautiful location and surroundings. Situated on an oval shaped rock about 15 kms from Diveagar, the place is flanked by Arabian Sea on all sides. The fort was renovated to the present structure and now comprises of numerous towers and turrets for the storage of ammunition with aim of seeking security. Being assaulted by salt water on daily basis, the place still has been able to retain its age old glory. Further the fort also features several canons of Europeans and 19 rounded bastions. It is also said to be adorned with all the facilities like a palace such as officer's quarters, mosque and water tank. At the main entrance one can also witness a beastly tiger with an elephant in his claws. The fort is accessible via sail boats from Rajapuri jetty.

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