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Udaipur Beach, Digha Overview

The Udaipur beach in Digha is one of most pristine and exquisite sea beaches in India. This unexplored 'virgin sea beach' is located on the border of Orissa and is nestled between New Digha and Talsari. Though just 3 kilometres away from the Digha station, the beach seems to be miles away from it metaphorically. The lonely beach, far far away from the crowded and claustrophobic city life, is dotted with towering casuarina trees and the makeshift stalls of the fishermen who sell fish here. The place is especially famous for its scenic beauty, and people from all parts of the world visit the beach to capture these picturesque views in their sight forever.

You can choose from a number of exciting options of activities at the Udaipur Beach and enjoy yourself with friends and family. These include swimming, taking a long walk along the sea shore, enjoying adventure sports such as Speed Boat or Banana Boat, riding bikes, or tasting the local delicacies. The local shops at the beach serve lip-smacking traditional delicacies, which primarily comprises of seafood such as prawns and fish curry. Coconuts are also widely available here at super cheap prices.

The Udaipur Beach also guarantees to provide decent accommodation at affordable budgets. The tents that are run by West Bengal Tourism, and the OCEANA Tourist Complex, both being suitable options that you can choose from. The Udaipur beach is mostly uninhabited and will give you the feel of relaxing on a private beach. This romantic getaway can be the perfect destination for a honeymoon trip. All in all, the beach is a must-visit at least once in your lifetime to get a taste of what an unpolluted, real beach looks like.

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Adventure Sports at Udaipur Beach

For all those who want to get their adrenaline pumping, indulging in adventure sports is a good option. Visitors can choose from a variety of water and beach sports like All Terrain Bike, Banana Boat, Speed Boat, etc. and enjoy with their family and friends. Other than this, you can also have fun with bike rides. You can hire a bike that you can ride till Talsari for as cheap as INR 50 to INR 70 per bike for a 3-kilometre ride.

Attractions Near Udaipur Beach

If you are not the kind of person who can spend hours alone is quietude, then check out the nearby attractions. You can visit the nearby beaches, such as Digha, New Digha, Sankarpur and Talsari. Bichitrapur, which is 25 kilometres away from the Udaipur Beach, is located upstream of the mouth of Subarnarekha River and is well known for its mangrove forest. A steamer ride here is a fun and memorable tour.

Talsari, located just 7 kilometres away, is another unexplored sea beach. With its lush green paddy fields, tall palm and coconut trees and stunning beauty, the beach is literally paradise on Earth. The backwaters of Talsari especially, never fail to fascinate the tourists.

Best Time To Visit Udaipur Beach

Thanks to the friendly weather all-year-round, you can visit this beach anytime. However, the best months to visit the beach are no doubt October to December and February when the weather is enjoyable.

Stay Near Udaipur Beach

One major problem that most visitors complain about is the lack of decent hotels near the Udaipur Beach and that the choices are really limited. However, the accommodation in the form of tents provided by the West Bengal Government comes to the rescue and is no doubt the best option. Staying in these tents is a unique experience altogether and firmly recommended. These tents can be booked online and are under the control of WBTDC. Each tent costs INR 720 for each day, including breakfast; and is just 3 kilometres away from the beach. The only problem in staying at this place is that the cafeteria is not functional.

If you are not too keen to stay in tents, you can stay the OCEANA Tourist Complex. This resort is a huge 3-acre property with 19 rooms, both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned. Just 150 metres away from the beach, the resort is well-maintained and comfortable, with friendly staff. The only flip side of staying here is that booking is possible only through their office in Kolkata, which would require a personal visit from your side.

Food At Udaipur Beach

While exploring this dazzling beach, do not forget to relish the taste of the local cuisine that is served here. It is a good idea to head towards the mouth of the river if you visit the beach early in the morning. You can buy fresh fishes from here, and the stalls at the shore will cook them for you at nominal prices. The fishermen who run makeshift stalls here also serve authentic and fresh food. You can enjoy Bengali food ranging from Jumbo prawns to Bhetki and Pomfret to Hilsa here. The Udaipur Beach is also famous for its delicious crabs.

Vegetarians, however, do not need to worry as they also have a wide variety of options. They can choose from options such as North Indian, South Indian and Chinese cuisines. Also, do not forget to sip some coconuts. They are widely available and are really cheap. Chilled beer and wafers are also widely available here.

How To Reach Udaipur Beach

Digha is 170 kilometres away from Kolkata. Regular transport buses are available from Kolkata (Esplanade) to Digha. The beach is then just 3 kilometres away from Digha bus stand. The best way to then reach the beach is a Bhatbhati, a local motorised transport that is widely used, or you could simply take a rickshaw.

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