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The new Venetian Fortress is the most well-preserved complex in Corfu. The adornments in the fortress include carved inscriptions, the winged lions of Venice, ornate watchtowers, and two momentous gates designed by Ferrante Vitelli. It offers a beautiful panoramic view of the sea, the marina, and the city.

It is a striking, majestic building situated on the Old Port and is lined with carved stones sourced from the material of the ancient city of Corfu. It has a grand emblem - the Lion of St. Mark - on its gate.  The fortress was originally built to protect the Old Town from pirates and enemies. Hence, it is of extreme historical and military importance, with massive walls and fortifications built for this purpose. There are complete defense installations with proper the late 17th and early 18th centuries defense towers still standing. There is also a second fortress called ‘scarponas’, built in front of the fortress as a defense layer. Its premises are used for concerts and photographic and art exhibitions. There is also a range of food and beverage options available.

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