Scuba Diving In Corfu - A Guide to Underwater Wonders!

Wondering why Corfu is a great diving destination in the world? Of course, it is surrounded by the calm waters of the Ionian Sea, which is an excellent hub of marine wildlife. However, the seafloor topography around Corfu is ideal for scuba diving because of the several caves, caverns, reefs, walls, etc., that make swimming and diving in its clear waters mesmerizing. Besides, shipwreck sites add to the adventure of scuba diving. Also, the temperature and currents of the water aid in clear visibility to many meters below the water's surface.

There are many diving centres in Corfu and though they are set up to take advantage of the splendid natural beauty, they too ensure that the waters remain clean and the ecology of the area unharmed.

Best Diving Locations in Corfu

1. Colovri

A 2000 sq.m island, Colovri is Corfu's most popular diving site. Surrounded by crevices, boulders, cliffs, reefs, canyons, and caves, Colovri has warm waters and the exuberance of marine life. Experienced divers can go up to 40m deep from the surface; however, for beginners, there is plenty to explore even a few meters down. Some amazing schools of fish you might encounter here include the barracuda, shrimps, Moray eels, anthia, and many more. The abyss that plunges down from the edge of the reef is the best site in Colovri for magnificent underwater visuals.

2. Monastery

Monastery is the place to scuba dive if you are a wildlife enthusiast. Visibility is clear up to 20m, and divers can dive to 22m under the water surface to not only view but swim alongside stellar sea creatures. One can encounter shrimps, octopuses, blue comber, and crayfish. Around 100m off the coast of Corfu, Monastery has two underwater caves where all the action really happens. The first cave is only 3m below the water's surface and is perfect for beginners. The second cave is deeper at 22m and enthralled because of its fantastic visibility and vibrant sea life colours.

3. Hole of Ha

For divers who crave the adventure of underwater cave diving, the Hole of Ha is a world-renowned site. The roofless cave leading from a mountain beholds breathtaking visuals of stalactites, fossilized rocks, and shells. The interplay of the above sunlight adds to the dive's magical quality. Experienced divers can go down 25m into the rocky chamber. For those who are not comfortable going too deep, a narrow passage at 18m below the surface is worth diving into.

4. Paxos

Paxos, Greece

A boat ride from Corfu, Paxos is a favourite amongst diving centers in Corfu. With calm, warm waters and clear visibility, Paxos has a few particular spots that are delightful scuba diving areas. The Blue Caves or Blue Grotes or Blue Grotto is at a depth of 25m, and only certified divers are allowed to swim here. However, needless to say, the scenic beauty here is gorgeous. Another dive for experienced divers includes the Angelos Cave. Beautifully adorned in the sunlight from above and the score of exciting wildlife, such as monk seals below, this cave dive is almost 30m deep.

5. House Reef

House Reef is an area of strong currents and, thus an ideal diving spot for all levels of divers. For beginners, there is enough to explore within 2m, as for experienced divers who can dive up to 40m below the surface. However, going deeper opens up stunning underwater splendours, such as a plateau area covered with reef critters and corals.

6. Othonoi Island

Othonoi Island
Being a lover of marine wildlife is one of the reasons for exploring underwater. However, another reason why many divers venture deep down is for the thrill of checking out shipwrecks.  The Othonoi Island is home to two shipwrecks and a fascinating cavern diving experience. One can plan a full-day excursion to the Othonoi Island to enjoy the diving and spend some leisurely time at the White Beach.

7. Paleokastritsa

Located on the western coast of Corfu island, Paleokastritsa is a small village and one of the most popular and wonderful diving spots on the island. Fraught with caves and caverns, shipwrecks, reefs, walls, etc., is home to a wide range of marine wildlife. Some of these include the groupers, barracudas, moray eels, jacks, common dentex, crayfish, sea bream, octopuses, and more. Also, one of the most sought-after diving centres, Achilleon Diving Centre, is situated here.

Some of the interesting diving areas that are worth going to include the Pipitos Reef, Kassiopi Reef, Kalami Reef, Ulysses Rock, Akoli Reef, Nissaki Wreck, HMS Regular Wreck (where you can see the anchor of the wrecked ship), and more.

Things to See While Scuba Diving in Corfu

Wrecks in Greece

Scuba diving in Corfu is a treasure trove of underwater landscapes. The sea bed topography is full of surprises. The caverns and caves, reefs, walls, and shipwrecks are all accessible to divers of all levels. Reefs, for example, extend along the island's southwest coast and are usually not below 15m from the sea surface. Sections of the reef are covered with beautiful soft red coral and red stone weeds that add hue and vibrancy to the underworld. Different caves and caverns are found at a depth of 4m to 30m; thus, both beginners and experienced divers can swim into these natural wonders.

The shipwrecks, too, can be explored from a depth of 8m to 42m. Beginners can stay closer to the surface and enjoy the wreck's scenery. Advance-level divers can dive below to view the wrecks lodged deeper in the sea bed. Some shipwrecks divers can explore include the RM Francesco Stucco Wreck, Fantassin, and the HMS Regulus Wreck. The HMS Regulus drowned in 1945 when it struck a mine, and its massive anchor lies 25m below the seawater surface to date.

However, no matter the terrain of the sea floor or the shipwrecks, marine animals are a constant companion while scuba diving. The biodiversity of the waters is rich and flourishing with corals and schools of fish. The other marine wildlife you will encounter during the dive include squids, barracudas, groupers, lobsters, starfishes, jellyfish, fire worms, sea anemones, moray eels, octopuses, etc.

Best Time for Diving in Corfu

The summer months are the best time for scuba diving in Corfu. Most diving centers operate from May to October.  During this season, the waters are warm and the currents are ideal for scuba divers of all levels.

Price and Duration

Scuba diving in Greece

The cost of scuba diving in Corfu depends on the experience, certification, and location of the scuba diving spot. For beginners who venture into shallow waters for 1 or 2 dives and require no certification, the price varies anywhere from 50 Euro to 80 Euro. The diving centers can accommodate both group and private individual diving. The group cost is lower than private scuba dives.

For experienced and advanced levels the number of dives varies from 1-10. The cost for these dives ranges between 100 Euros to 400 Euros.

The duration of the dive also is dependent on the level. Beginners need more training time, though the dive may last 45-50 minutes. The training may take 2 hours. For advanced-level divers who do not need training, the dive duration depends on the number of dives they undertake. Diving centers offer various tours for several hours, from half-day trips to 3-day tours.

Diving Centres in Corfu

Scuba diving training

For scuba diving, you need to get in touch with any of the scuba diving centers in Corfu. Several scuba diving tour operators provide equipment, gear, and training before the scuba dive. They also arrange pick and drop at your hotel and the diving site. Most of the diving centers also offer free cancellation and organize other sightseeing tours around diving areas, providing snacks, transportation, etc.

Corfu Town is the main city on the island. However, most of the diving centers have their base in the other towns and villages of Corfu, such as Nissaki, Kassiopi, Paleokastritsa, Gouvia, Barbati, etc. At the diving center, the divers are first trained in shallow waters and then taken out on a boat to the diving sites.

Here is a list of some of the authentic and trusted diving centers in Corfu:
  • Achilleon Diving -
  • Dive Easy -
  • Corfu Scubanauts -
  • Dive Inn Corfu -
  • Apollo Diving -
  • Sea World Scuba Diving Center -
  • Corfu Dive Club -
Also, all the diving centers teach and offer courses in diving, such as PADI, SSI certifications, open water training, specialty courses, and more. Certain centers offer certifications within 3 to 4 days. So if you are planning a longer stay at Corfu you can get yourself trained by best-certified divers and enjoy the diving experience while you learn.


  • Read up a bit about scuba diving to understand what all it entails if you are a beginner and trying a hand at it for the first time.
  • Book the diving centers in advance for they are usually crowded during the peak season from May to October.
  • Listen carefully to instructions and follow your guide during training and the actual diving session.
  • Check the diving gear and make sure that it is safe and secure.
  • The training session can take up to 2 hours or more for beginners. Plan your day accordingly to leave enough time for the scuba diving experience.
  • Usually, children under 10 years are not eligible for scuba diving. Many diving centers offer the Bubble Maker which is designed for children below 10 years. The water depth here is less than 2m and a trainer is assigned to the kid/kids to experience the scuba diving adventure.
  • For almost all diving centers the total cost includes the cost of the gear, equipment, insurance, and the transfer by boat to the diving site. However, it is best to check with the diving center their terms and conditions and requirements while arranging a scuba diving session.
  • Experienced divers can acquire certificates and training programs in many diving centers. You can check their course details online if interested.
  • Diving centers also offer photo services where they click you while diving or in the gear. Make sure to grab your copy for keepsake memories.
Scuba diving is a surreal experience as it encourages coming in contact with a world that we are not always surrounded by. Underwater splendor has always been a fascinating region to explore and the scuba diving experience in Corfu is one of the best ways to venture into the underwater world. You can expect thrill, adventure, and awe for sure!

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