Sunset in Corfu - A Magical Extravaganza

Corfu is a splendid island off the coast of mainland Greece. The picturesque and quaint landscape provides the perfect backdrop for sunset views. 

Of course, one can view the sunset from any place. Whether it is from the window of your home/hotel, or atop a mountain, or on a beach. But you have to admit, that the ambiance you surround yourself with while watching a sunset influences your overall experience. This is why many beautiful locations across the world have sunset viewing spots and points that create an aura equally matching that of the sun going down. And therefore, Corfu is no different.

Sunset Viewing Spots

Sunset In Greece
Corfu has several locations from where one can view the sunset. Here is a list of places that you must visit in the evening to catch a glimpse of remarkable sunset views.

1. Logas Beach (Peroulades)

Peroulades is a quiet village located around 40km from Corfu Town. But the one-hour drive is worth it because Peroulades offers one of the best sunset views of the island. Lagos Beach is the village’s main beach and that is where you should head, secure a safe spot and wait for the sun to go down. The open sky lights up with myriad shades of red, pink, and orange that reflect on the clear waters of the sea and the rocky outcrops strewn across the beach. The 7th Heaven Beach Bar which is situated atop a cliff on the beach is also a great place to sit, relax and enjoy a cocktail while watching the gorgeous twilight hours. In fact, there is a transparent balcony in the bar, that has been constructed jutting out from the cliff. It makes a stunning location to watch the sun dip into the sea, behind the Diapontia and Erikousa islands. Also, the Canal d’amour and Cape Drastis are two other beautiful locations in Peroulades that are known for their natural landscapes and wonderful sunset views.

2. Kaiser’s Throne (Pelekas)

The village of Pelekas is 13km from Corfu Town and one of the closest sunset viewing destinations from the capital town. However, the main spot to view a magnificent sunset is from Kaiser’s Throne. Kaiser’s Throne is the remnants of a German observatory located on top of Pelekas hill. From here Emperor Kaiser Wilhelm II would watch the 360-degree panoramic view of the island. Today, it continues to offer amazing views of not only the island but is also renowned as a great sunset viewing spot. The café located here provides comfortable seating, delicious local food, and a cozy ambiance while one can watch peacefully the descent of the sun.

Besides, the sunset, you can also spend some time in the traditional village of Pelekas. With its old-fashioned homes, tiny shops, and taverns, do not miss out on trying the lip-smacking traditional foods of the island.

3. Afionas

Sunset in Afionas
Afionas sits atop a hill at around 480m above sea level and is located 35km northwest of Corfu Town. With its narrow lanes, traditional homes, and scenic splendor, this Greek village is popular for its sunset views. There is one particular spot  - The Afionas Sunset Vantage Point, which is a bench set aside for the viewing of the incredible sunset. However, this is not the only place that offers wonderful views. Many tavern terraces are also open for visitors to get an uninterrupted view of the sun, sea, Agios Beach, and the Diapontia Islands.

For those looking for a little adventure, Porto Timoni is a tranquil beach not too far away from Afionas. One can plan a day beach trip and then head towards any of the inns at Afionas to grab some local delicacies while enjoying the sunset views.

4. Paleokastritsa

Sunset in Paleokastritsa
Paleokastritsa on the western coast of Corfu Island is a popular tourist destination. It is known for its beautiful beaches and many water adventure activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, and more. But it also offers fantastic views of the sunset. There are many ways to explore the village during the day. You could take up a cruise trip, try scuba diving or swim in the clear warm waters of the sea. Besides, you can check out the many taverns for authentic local cuisine. However, as the evening draws close, climb over the hilltop where the 13th-century monastery, Virgin Mary is located. One can either walk uphill or drive for watching a mesmerizing sunset from the pretty gardens of the monastery. Or you can also walk to any of the beach or water edges to watch the sun sink in the sea. Paleokastritsa might be relatively more crowded than the other villages. But it most definitely merits a visit.

5. Issos Beach

Also, called the Sahara of Corfu, the long sandy stretch of Issos Beach is located about 30km south of Corfu town. Popular for swimming and known for its large sand dunes, Issos Beach offers all the happenings of a beach holiday. From sunbeds to umbrellas, windsurfing and a canteen that sells drinks and food Issos Beach is also an incredible spot to view the sunset.

6. Corfu Town

In Corfu Town itself, there are a few spots to view a great sunset. Mouragia is one of the best places in Corfu Town to take an evening stroll and get a beautiful view of the sunset. Mouragia comprises a promenade that goes around the old town. One can reach it by passing through the gates of the Palace of St. Michael and St. George. The seaside street gives excellent views of the sunset seen across the little boats spread over the waters. Some of the other places in Corfu Town to catch the sunset are the Old Fortress, New Fortress, and the rooftop of hotels, such as the Cavalieri. 

7. Kanoni

Kanoni is a suburb of Corfu Town and comprises mainly a residential complex. However, from Kanoni one can see Mouse Island and also Vlacherna Church. Though you can visit Kanoni anytime during the day, we highly recommend making a trip later in the afternoon. You can sit back in any of the many cafes or inns and watch the sunset against the gorgeous setting of Mouse Island and Vlacherna Church. Also, Kanoni is close to the airport and one can watch the airplanes fly overhead across the sky from close quarters. In fact, it would just add to the charm of watching a sunset with a plane zooming by mid-air.

8. Arillas Beach

Sunset on a Greece beach
Arillas has a sandy beach and is situated between two headlands. A sunset that silhouettes the rocky topography along with the calmer stretch of the beach is quite cinematic, to say the least. Located in the northwest of the island, Arillas beach is also placed between St. Stefanos and St. George Bay. The taverns are locally run and the quaintness of the place adds to the charm of watching a sunset either from the beach or from the insides of the small cafes and inns.

9. Chalikounas Beach

A beach located in south Corfu, Cahlikounas is one of the best beaches on the island. It is situated parallel to the Korission Lake which is also a protected biodiversity area. One of the greatest ways to enjoy a sunset at this beach is to take a dip in the warm waters as the sun goes down.

10. Paramonas Beach

Paramonas Beach
Another beach located south of the island, Paramonas is about 23km from Corfu town. It is usually not too crowded and like the other beaches on the island a wonderful spot to enjoy the sunset. Both the Paramonas and Chalikounas Beach are not too far from Afionas. 

11. Agios Gordis

Agios Gordis Beach
Agios Gordis is a village holiday resort located on the western coast of the island. The resort offers restaurant services, beach bars, water sporting activities, and much more. And hence, watching the sunset is also as much of an attraction at the Agios Gordis as any of the other adventures. One can watch the sunset from the resort itself or also from the main road that leads to it.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Corfu is from September to October. July has the longest days giving enough time for daytime activities. However, it might be too hot as well. Sunset from September to October usually takes place around 7:15 -7:30 PM. Also, Corfu experiences wet winters and hence may not be the best time to catch glorious sunsets.


Sunset in Greece
Here are some things to keep in mind if you plan to watch the sunset from any of the locations in Corfu.
  • Try to find out the situation of the tide if you are watching the sunset from the beach. During high tides, it's advisable to watch the sun from a higher elevation, such as the roof of a tavern or rocky outcrop. Also, do not venture too close to the shore in case of high tides.
  • Some tour companies also offer sunset cruise tours in Corfu Town. If you are interested in watching the sunset from the middle of the sea on a cruise deck then search online or try asking around for such offers. The Black Rose Pirate Ship, for example, is one such cruise company that takes visitors on a sunset cruise for a limited duration.
  • Check the sunset timing to be sure to reach your destination before it’s too late!
  • Plan your day well. Most of the sunset viewing spots also offer other activities and nearby attractions that you can check out during the day. Also, you can club the sunset viewing with other adventures, such as swimming, cruising, hiking, and more.
  • Tour companies also offer private sunset tours either on cruise, paragliding, or paramotoring. You can check these out online or organize them through the hotel.
  • Do not forget to carry a good camera! Since the photography needs to be done at twilight, ensure that the lighting, clarity, and other technicalities are adjusted on your camera or phone.
Corfu offers more than many destinations which are sites for fantastic sunsets. These are perfect to watch if you are alone, with your partner, with family, or with friends. Be rest assured, the companionship, the emotions, and the scenic splendor will etch a lasting memory on your mind for sure.

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