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Timings : 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Time Required : 2-3 hours

Entry Fee : IDR 10000

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Keraton Kasepuhan , Cirebon Overview

A 16th-Century wonder, Keraton Kasepuhan is the home to the Sultan of Kasepuhan and is one of the 4 “Kraton” or palaces in Cirebon the other 3 being Keraton Kacirebonan, Keraton Kanoman and Keraton Keprabon. This palace is not only one of the oldest ones in Cirebon but is also one of the largest palaces with throne rooms. Keraton Kasepuhan is definitely an exquisite attraction for local as well as international visitors, considering it reflects on the fusion of architectures between Hindu, Islamic, Dutch as well as Chinese influences.

This Palace is strategically located in West Java, facing the Sang Cipta Rasa Grand Mosque to its west side, and the Lawang Sanga building on the banks of the Krayan River, to its south side. This site was the tax and customs office during the reign of the Cirebon kingdom, signifying wealth and good fortune for this palace. Keraton Kasepuhan, spread across 10 hectares of land and trademarked by red bricks, is truly an epitome of multi-culture and tradition and should definitely be on your list when in Cirebon.

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Things to do and see

1. Guided tour: There are many guided tours at Keraton Kasepuhan which are available at the entry gate of this palace. 

2. The museums that within the complex of the Palace have a selection of ancient artefacts, weaponry, paintings dating back to the 1500s. These are Museum Kereta Singa Barong and Museum Benta Kuno. Visitors can find many souvenirs at the souvenir store outside the museums, sold at fairly decent prices.

3. The gardens: This palace is said to have around 6 acres of free land, which is filled with greenery and flowers.

4. White tiger statue representing outside Museum Kereta Singa Barong which is called “Singa” referring to a lion in Bahasa.

5. Old wooden statue outside Museum Kereta Singa Barong, at the entrance of Keraton Kasepuhan, called “Kereta” which means train in English. It is a symbol of the Prabhu Siliwangi family

6. Other sites at the palace such as Dalem Agung Pakungwati Gallery, Keraton and Bangsal Keraton.

Entry Fee

Keraton Kasepuhan is open to visitors on all 7 days from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm. The fee for a tour guide can vary but the entry to Keraton Kasepuhan is IDR 10,000 per adult. Visitors also need to pay an entry fee for the museum. Visitors may want to make donations at the entrance as well. In that case, they should have around IDR 500 to 1500 handy for donations.

Travel tips

1. When travelling in Cirebon, make sure you put on the GPS. Taxis and cabs tend to take longer routes and detours to charge visitors more than the standard rate.
2. Keep change in hand so that you can make donations. 
3. Beware of touts who sell guided tours at cheaper rates than the standard ones. Check and trust the prices online or at the location. 
4. Keep your ID proof with you at all times. 
5. Only donate at the main entrance. 
6. Guided tours are not compulsory so beware of tour guides who scam visitors by telling them that it is compulsory and ask for a large tip. 
7. There is plenty of accommodation available near Keraton Kasepuhan. 
8. It is recommended that visitors use online ride-hailing transportation or regular taxis for convenience. 


Established in 1529 by Prince Mas Mochammad Arifin II, this palace is still home to the Royal Family of the Sultan. However, they are the subjects of the Republic of Indonesia and hold little or no power. After the Girilaya Prince of the Sultanate of Kacirebonan passed away, the kingdom was divided into two: the Sultanate of Kasepuhan and Sultanate of Kanoman. This palace was built to have white-washed walls, blue and white delft tiles, and a throne room. Added to this were French Chandeliers and marble floors to enhance the beauty of this residence. Till date, the royal family stays in this palace and only the main sections are open to public viewing. In the process of maintaining the palace, the museum is said to have been neglected. As a result, many people still see the museum as an underdeveloped establishment even though the authorities have been maintaining it for centuries.

How To Reach Keraton Kasepuhan

Located in the sub-district of Lemahwungkuk in Cirebon, this palace is around 25 kilometres (30 minutes) away from Cirebon Airport. Visitors can take a cab or a taxi from the airport to Kasepuhan. Small buses, also known as “angkot” also take visitors to different attractions in Cirebon. 

Cirebon is also quite close to Jakarta and Surabaya. Visitors can take taxis, cabs or even the train from these two towns to Cirebon and then take an angkot to the palace.

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