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At-Taqwa Great Mosque is located in the heart of Cirebon City. It is one of the few places that is surrounded by the hustle and bustle but once entered, is tranquil and serene. It is sometimes called the Grand Mosque of Cirebon and is visited by a large number of people every day to offer prayers.

The architecture of the mosque is traditional, made of granite, ornamented pillars and has a striking entrance coloured in gold and white. The mosque also has facilities like an Islamic centre, a canteen, a guesthouse and parking space. The main building is also surrounded by well-maintained lawns and gardens where visitors can sit for a while and enjoy the divine vibe of the mosque.

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The mosque dates back to the 15th century and is said to have been built under the guidance of Wali Songo who was instrumental in spreading the teachings of Islam in Cirebon. The mosque originally consisted of two parts. One called the Great Tajug, that is today known as the At-Taqwa Mosque and the other was a square, today known as the Alun-Alun or Public Prosecutor’s Office. Hence, the mosque was first named as the Great Tajug, but the prayer room was small and the building soon began to look old.

The Cirebon Religious Affairs Coordinator RM Arhatha began renovations on the mosque and renamed it to At Taqwa Mosque because the Grand Mosque in Kasepuhan already existed by then. To avoid two mosques having almost similar names, the Great Tajug was renamed. Finally, the mosque as it stands now was inaugurated in 1963.  


The At-Taqwa Great Mosque is undoubtedly an important religious and spiritual centre. But it is also a landmark for the city of Cirebon. Its architecture, gardens and many activities make it an attraction for locals and tourists. Both Muslims and Non-Muslims are allowed to enter the mosque to admire its designs and peaceful ambience. Here are a few tips to help you make your visit more valuable and memorable:

  • Stroll across the gardens that are fringed with palm trees and fraught with green grass. Fountains add to the charm and aura of the complex.
  • The mosque tower is 65m high and is open for visitors. The tower is open every Sunday from 6 A.M to 10 A.M and one can have a bird eye’s view of the city from atop.
  • There are many hawkers with food stalls that are found around the mosque area. You can try out the local snacks, such as the tahu gejrot.
  • The mosque can be reached through various public transports and is easily accessible. You can also choose to drive and park as the mosque has a large parking area.
  • Within the mosque there are various facilities that one can avail, such as the canteen, an Islamic Center, a guesthouse, language center and more.

How To Reach At-Taqwa Great Mosque

Located on Jl. Kartini No.mor. 2, Kebonbaru, Kec. Kejaksan, Kota Cirebon, At-Taqwa Great Mosque is very easily accessible and is only 3 km away from the main city centre of Cirebon. A major landmark of the city, it is impossible to miss its towering spires and is very well-known to locals and taxi drivers. 

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