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Grage City Mall, Cirebon Overview

Grage City Mall is one of Cirebon's largest mall and is one of the city's most visited shopping complexes. This mall is famous for the choice of food and is well-known for its large food court that offers a wide variety of food kiosks. The Cinema Hall found inside Grage City Mall is also one of the largest cinema complexes in Cirebon and is another attraction within the mall.

Along with the wide variety of good shopping experience its visitors are afforded, Grage City Mall includes a hotel within its complex which is another source of attraction for visitors. With its large assortment shopping options, movie theatres, hotels, food courts, and more, Grage City Mall is an attraction that has something that caters to everybody's interests.

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Things to Do

  • Fun World Grage City is an entertainment complex for people for all age groups to indulge in activities and games. 
  • CGV Cinema plays a range of latest Indonesian, Arabic, Chinese, Indian as well as English movies. 
  • Shopping: This mall, needless to say, has a range of stores to shop at. Right from international brands such as Hushpuppies, Polo, Samsung, Bata and Skechers to local and national brands such as Optik Melawai, Samsat, Karisma, Tong Tji, A Kasoem and Gesty, shoppers can indulge in retail-therapy to appease themselves. 
  • Supermarket: Two supermarkets in this mall are Super Nintendo and Electronic City that offer a range of local, national as well as international products.

Eating Options

Grage City Mall is popular for its variety of food options. Right from local Indonesian food to Mexican, Italian and Chinese, the food court here caters to a range of palates. Apart from that, the eating joints that offer local food are Oto Bento, Bebek Quali, D’Penyetz, Ola-Ola, Istana Mie Es, Roti O and Papa Bunz.

What’s more, this two-floor mall also has a range of bakeries, cafes, patisseries and international restaurants with multi-cuisines such as My Story Fusion, Bread Talk, King Bistro, Spass Bistro, Lanai Coffee and Patisserie, Rib House, Es Teller 77 and Jungle Preanger Coffee.

Facilities Available

  • Parking is available for visitors
  • Clean washrooms 
  • ATM is available 
  • There is a Hotel within the complex of the mall

How To Reach Grage City Mall

  • Grage City Mall is located in West Java, in Cirebon. The address of the mall is Jalan Ahmad Yani No. 60, Pegambiran, Lemahwungkuk, Kota Cirebon.
  • The nearest airport to this location is Penggung Airport or Cakrabuwana Airport (CBN) in Cirebon which is 14-15 minutes (6.5 kilometres) away.
  • The second closest airport is Kertajati Airport which is 42 kilometres away from Cirebon and 64 kilometres (1 hour 2 minutes) away from Grage City mall.
  • Visitors can take a car/taxi, rent a car or a bike, or take the bus from either of the airports.

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