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Kraton Kanoman, Cirebon Overview

Kraton Kanoman is a palace in the city of Cirebon. It is famous for its ancient architecture and will delight those interested in history and culture. Built in 1677 by Sultan Anom I the palace is located behind the traditional Kanoman Market and is open to the public. The royal family in fact, continues to live in the 6-hectare palace area and graciously communicates and interacts with tourists.

The Kraton Kanoman though today is a far lesser version of what it used to be, its architectural details and specifics stand out. The outer area of the palace is built in masonry, a Javanese classical form of construction as opposed to using timber which was more conventional and more widely used. Chinese ceramics are embedded into the walls and the Cirebon emblem is found on the gates.

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Things to Do

Courtyard Performances:- The architecture and layout of the palace are the main attractions of the Kraton Kanoman. One can explore the structure which is essentially divided into three parts. The front area is where art performances are usually held and various equipment of the kingdom, including the traditional musical gamelans is stored here.

The Witana:- The main building called the Jinem is where the coronation of the king takes place. The area behind is where the homes of the royalty are built. The Witana, a bathing place, as well as, an ancient well are also found in this part of the palace complex.

Market:- Besides, the palace itself, the market area behind is also worth checking out. The traditional market is a hub of food, snacks, souvenir shops and more.

Royal Events:- The Kraton Kanoman palace though a little dilapidated today still is an important centre for royal events and felicitations. It remains to be an important landmark for the city of Cirebon and a reminder of its history.

How To Reach Kraton Kanoman

The Kanoman Palace is approximately 2.7 km from Cirebon City, a 11-minute drive via Jl. Kesambi. Bus routes via Jl. Cideng are functional as well, these buses take an average of 35 minutes to reach the Kraton Kanoman

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