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Khun Korn Waterfall, Chiang Rai Overview

Standing at a majestic height of 70 meters, the Khun Korn Waterfall is indeed a hidden treasure, buried deep inside the Khun Korn Forest Park, outside Chiang Rai in Thailand. These waterfalls are undoubtedly one of the most exquisite places to visit in Thailand. The attraction is famous not just for the beautiful and gorgeous sights of the falling water and lush greenery, but for the vast rice fields and dense jungles. One can witness these visuals on their journey to the waterfall along with the following trek through the tall bamboo forest.

The Khun Korn Waterfall is the highest waterfall in all of Chiang Rai, and for true adventure lovers, there can be no better place. The waterfalls, also known as Tat Mok Waterfalls, are just 17 kilometres away from the famous White Temple of Thailand, and visitors prefer to visit the two places in combination, thus making a perfect and enjoyable full day trip. The sight of the waterfall is breathtaking, and a dip in the natural swimming pool would rejuvenate you to the core, and provide the much-needed respite after a thirty-minute long trek!

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Trekking to the Khun Korn Waterfall

After crossing the 10-kilometre long jungle road, you will have to park your vehicle at the parking near the headquarters, is where the hiking trail starts. 

Khun Korn Waterfall
Trekking Details
Visitors have to trek for about 1400 meters through the jungle to reach the waterfall. The trek is quite peaceful, with only a handful of people around. The trek is relatively straight forward and simple and is suitable for children as well. But be careful of slippery rocks that you will encounter on the way. At many passes, the trail also cuts across small streams, and there are bamboo bridges to help you cross these areas.
Even before you reach the waterfall, the sound of the water crashing against the rocks will greet you, and you can feel the mist spraying from this collision. 

Reaching the Destination
After twenty or thirty minutes of trekking, you will finally reach your final destination. A dip in the water is highly recommended, and if you are brave enough to bear the cold, the waterfall doubles up as a great shower in the natural jungle surroundings.

Best Time to Visit

Khun Korn Waterfall

In the wet months of August, September, and October in Thailand, the hiking trail is often closed due to safety concerns, as the path gets quickly flooded during monsoon. Swimming at the bottom also becomes dangerous because of increasing water levels. 
Thus, visit the Khun Korn Waterfall at any time of the year, except these three months to make the most out of your visit there.

Traveller Tips

  • Remember to wear proper footwear since the trail is slippery at quite a few places. 
  • Carry your swimsuits along if you wish to enjoy a dip in the water. 
  • Pack a waterproof jacket along for your photography gear, mobile phone, etc. since the mist and spray from the waterfall reaches everywhere and may damage your electronic devices.
  • You need to park your vehicle at the base, following which you will have to trek for around 30 minutes to reach the waterfall.
  • Remember to carry a camera along and to observe the wildlife around you as you trek. You are very likely to witness lots of birds, lizards, and butterflies on your way. 

How To Reach Khun Korn Waterfall

The Khun Korn Waterfalls are located deep inside the dense forests, about 35 kilometres to the southwest of the Chiang Rai town centre; but can be easily accessed. You can reach the destination via highway number 1121 from Chiang Rai City. From here, you can take a right turn at the eighteenth kilometre, and then continue for another twelve kilometres. Alternatively, you can even drive on highway number 1(Chiang Rai- Phayao) to reach your final destination. 

Hire a Taxi
Even though you can hire a taxi to reach your final destination; that works out to be more expensive and inconvenient.

Rent a Motorbike
Renting a motorbike would be the best way to travel from the Chiang Rai Town Center, right next to the clock tower. This would cost you around THB 150 per day, exclusive of fuel charges.

Via Songtaew 
Alternatively, you could hop onto a songtaew for the day, which can accommodate up to eight people. This Thai pick-up taxi truck would cost around THB 500 for a round-trip. The truck driver would also wait for you at the parking.

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