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Bir Road Bazaar

Bir Road, Bir Billing Overview

Bir Market is a streetside market with several eateries and shops. Local people and residents of the nearby areas come for utilities like food, clothing, and other items while tourists spend capital time picking up souvenirs. Bir Market is also referred to as the Bir Road Bazaar or simply Bir Road and is located on the way to Bir town. Please note that this different than the main Bir Road.

The market area is an assemblage of interesting and lively local shops that sell varieties of products at good prices. It has a little something for everyone.  Several stalls exhibit a wide range of products that celebrate the rich culture and tradition of Tibet. Perhaps, those items that reflect Tibet, in a nutshell, are the reason why the market area remains the most cherished area in Bir by tourists. A trip to Bir is not worthwhile without halting a few hours at the lively market.

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