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Markandeya Rishi Temple, Bilaspur (HP) Overview

Markandeya Ji Temple is a place of worship dedicated to Markandeya Rishi located at a distance of 20 kilometres from Bilaspur. Devotees of Rishi Markandeya often visit the temple to offer their prayers. It is a temple of high religious importance, but the beauty of the shrine also attracts tourists from all over the world. The deity is considered to be extremely powerful and its spiritual vibe, profoundly soothing. Many visit the temple and only sit in silence or meditate to calm their minds. The tranquil atmosphere helps relieve visitors of their worries, anxieties and find a direction in life just by quieting the restless mind. 

The Rishi Markandeya Temple has a spring nearby which is considered to be holy as it is said to have medicinal properties. The idol of the deity is a unique feature of the temple. Devotees also believe Rishi Markandeya can cure them of many physical and medical ailments. Many childless couples visit the temple to offer their prayers to Rishi Markandeya in the hopes of having a child. A dip in the holy spring is also said to cure infertility along with many other diseases. Many are awestruck by the local stories about ailments and cure. Whether it is a miracle or pure science is something left for each visitor to decide but a visit to the Markandeya Ji Temple is a must while exploring Bilaspur.

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Legend of Rishi Markandeya

According to the legend, Rishi Mrikandu, a sage in the region was unable to have a child with his wife. He prayed for years to Lord Shiva, who, happy with his devotion, blessed him with a male child whom the Rishi named, Markanday. This came with a condition though, that the child will die when he turns 12. Being blessed with a son made Rishi Mrikandu extremely happy but the condition made him anxious because every day he feared he will lose his child one day.

Once, when Markanday was old enough to understand, he asked his father what was causing him so much anxiety. Upon knowing the reality, Markanday decided to pray to Lord Shiva. The location he chose to pray is believed to be the exact location the Idol is installed in the temple. When Lord Shiva appeared before Markanday, it was the day of Baisakhi. He was extremely pleased with Markandaya's dedication and focus and blessed him with a long life. At the same instant, the holy spring began flowing at the location. This spring is often considered an important part of the Char Dham Yatra.

Best Time To Visit Markandeya Rishi Temple

The best time to visit the Markandeya Ji Temple is early in the morning as it is less crowded.

How To Reach Markandeya Rishi Temple

Tourists can reach the Markandeya Ji Temple via NH154 by rented taxis or by private/self-driven vehicles.

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