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Dhuandhar Falls, Bhedaghat Overview

As the Narmada River swiftly paves its way through the exquisite Marble Rocks, it reaches a culmination point where it narrows down and plunges into a waterfall which is famously known as the Dhuandhar Falls.

Such is the intensity of the falls that it's name translates to a 'smoke cascade'. It can be observed that the flow of water is so rapid, that one can hear the roar from a far distance. Make way for this place in your itinerary. It is located just 1.5 km away from the ghat area and it can be reached by a small and easy trek uphill from there. A cable car is also located there to take visitors to the other side of the gorge and back. There are also a lot of shops on this way from where you can buy various kinds of souvenirs, marble rocks and handicrafts.

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    Starting from INR 1,400

  • V Resorts Vrindavan Gopala

    Starting from INR 5,140

  • Motel Marble Rocks

    Starting from INR 3,290

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