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Lower Shivalaya, Badami Overview

Built in the 7th century by the ancient Chalukyan dynasty, the Lower Shivalaya temple is part of a series of temples situated across the northern hill of Badami. This intricately carved rock-cut structure perhaps the earliest and best-surviving example of the magnificence of the Dravida style in the early Chalukya architecture. While the ravages of time and war have taken away some its original construction, the remnants have been beautifully preserved, with the current building continuing to attract tourists from far and near to marvel at its magnificence.

Dedicated to Lord Ganesha, the Lower Shivalaya, in its original glory, comprised of a small porch, a hall, and a double-walled sanctuary. However, only the inner sanctuary part of the original structure has been able to survive through all these centuries. The doorframe of the sanctuary is finely carved with bands of creepers and short staff-wielding door guardians. Inside the sanctuary lies a uniquely shaped elliptical lotus-petaled pedestal which has been speculated to hold a Brahmanical image in a different era. The first storey is succeeded by an octagonal neck and an octagonal dome, topped off wonderfully by a crowning stupa. The four miniature shrines at the four corners of the superstructure reflect the stucco work brought by the Vijayanagara rule.

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Tips For Visiting Lower Shivalaya

As the structure is situated on one of the edges of the northern hill, one must go up a path made of many steps to reach this location.

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