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"An Oasis of Pearl White Shores"

Havelock Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands Overview

Havelock Island is one of the largest and most popular islands in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago. Officially named Swaraj island, the island is spread over a massive area of 113.93 square kilometres and is situated 57 km north-east of the capital city Port Blair. Havelock Island is a paradise of silky white sand beaches, crystal blue water, rich corals and verdant forests. There is no dearth of beauty on this little island as the reputed and much-loved Radhanagar and Vijaynagar Beaches are also right on its southern shores. Havelock Island is also a favourite amongst those who want to engage in scuba diving, snorkelling, and deep sea diving. 

The pristine shores and the aquamarine waters of the island stretch right across its expanses! Elephant beach and Kalapathar beach are the two most popular beaches on the island and are particularly for the views of the sunrise and sunsets. The narrowed roads of the island winding alongside the coastline or through dense tropical jungles offer great rides on rental scooters. The island was named after a British General and comprises of Ritchie's Archipelago and a collection of five villages. 

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Havelock Island
Havelock Island
Havelock Island
Havelock Island

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Adventure Activities on Havelock Island

Beckon the adrenaline junkie in you with the myriad varieties of adventure activities that are available at the Havelock Island for the patrons to indulge in:-

1. Sea Walk: Sea Walk will give you an experience of an underwater walk, right on the seabed! This activity is available at Elephant Beach in Havelock Island and costs INR 3200.

2. Scuba Diving: Scuba diving is a very popular activity in the whole of Andaman and is another important one in Havelock as well. In this, you are allowed to dive into the water with the proper breathing and diving gear. You can either opt for beginners or advanced course and can even get lessons beforehand.

3. Snorkelling: This activity allows you to gaze upon the the underwater life with the help of either water goggles or a screen that is attached to the bottom of a boat. Snorkeling is available at Elephant Beach.

4. Kayaking: No prior experience is necessary for this enjoyable activity that involves sailing through narrow waterways and mangroves to witness the natural beauty of Havelock Island.

Attractions on Havelock Island

There are several beaches in Havelock Island -

1. Radhanagar Beach: A beach famous for its serene view and crystal clear waters, the Radhanagar Beach was considered to be the best beach in Asia according to TIME Magazine in the year 2004. The clear blue water makes it a place for an amazing view of the coral reefs. If you are looking for some alone time, then head to the 'blue lagoon' or just sit on the beach and view the beautiful sunset. 

2. Elephant Beach: Famous for its coral views, this beach was affected by the tsunami that took place in 2004 but that has nevertheless not affected the popularity of the beach. There are many sports available on the beach- from snorkelling to scuba diving and swimming, Elephant Beach has it covered for you! And if you're looking for something to fill your stomach after a tiring adventure, you can find some stalls selling Indian snacks nearby. 

3: Kalapathar Beach: As the name suggests, the coastline of the beach has a line of black coloured rocks, a forest on one side and as you cross it, a beach where you can be by yourself and enjoy a life away from the main city. This beach is also famous among families and friends as a picnic spot. There are nearby cafes if you want to grab something to eat. 
4. Vijaynagar Beach: The white sand of the beach coupled with the soft sounds of the waves nearby, makes this beach a destination filled with peace and tranquillity. Also called as the Lone Mangrove Beach, it is a great place to relax. 

Havelock Ferry Timings and Prices

Since Havelock is an island, the only viable way to reach this destination is via ferries. A number of options are available as well, according to your preferences and suitable to every kind of budgets. Their details are as follows:-

1. Government Ferries

Departure time: 06:20 AM, 02:00 PM                                 
Arrival time: 09:00 AM, 04:30 PM                                  
Adult ticket: INR 500
Child ticket (0 - 2 years): INR 100

2. Green Ocean

Departure time: 06:45 AM
Arrival time: 09:00 AM
Adult ticket: INR 1250 (Royal), INR 900 (Executive), INR 1000 (Luxury)
Child ticket (0 - 2 years): INR 105

3. Makruzz

Departure time: 04:15 PM
Arrival time: 06:00 PM
Adult ticket: INR 1350 (Deluxe), INR 1050 (Premium), INR 2050 (Royal), INR 1150 (Premium Window)
Child ticket (0 - 2 years): INR 105

4. Makruzz Gold

Departure time: 08:00 AM, 01:00 PM
Arrival time: 09:45 AM, 02:30 PM
Adult ticket: INR 1350 (Deluxe), INR 1050 (Premium), INR 2050 (Royal), INR 1150 (Premium Window)
Child ticket (0 - 2 years): INR 105
5. Green Ocean 2:
Departure time: 06:45 AM
Arrival time: 08:45 AM
Adult ticket: INR 1150 (Deluxe), INR 950 (Premium), INR 1050 (Luxury)
Child ticket (0 - 2 years): INR 105

Havelock Island Hotels

The only government accommodation is the Dolphin Beach Resort but there are a lot of private properties as well. Resorts here include Havelock Leisure, Barefoot at Havelock, Symphony Palms Beach Resort, Munjoh Ocean Resort, SilverSand Beach Resort, Holiday Inn Beach Resort and Eco Villa Palm Beach Resort among a host of others.

Restaurants Near Havelock Island

Havelock has a number of shacks and sheds that provide delicious variants of local food. Some of these include Full moon cafe, Anju Coco Resto, Golden Spoon, Something Different - A Beachside Cafe and Ocean Tree Restro.

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Havelock Island Reviews

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Muskan Shah 2 years ago
I stayed in Havelock island for a day. It is easily reachable by ferry. There are a lot of quirky cafes.The night life is vibrant while the day is peaceful. I scuba dived here and was awestruck by the colourful underwater life. I suggest you stay here for more than a day roaming around and spend time mingling with other friendly foreign tourists.
Umesh Gami 2 years ago
Nice place to visit. Ideal for sea activity and nature living

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