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Kunthala Waterfalls, Adilabad Overview

Regarded as one of the most scenic waterfalls in Telangana, the Kunthala Waterfalls is situated in amid of gorgeous Sahyadri Mountain Range. Kuntala waterfall is the highest waterfall in the state that plunges from a height of 150 feet. The waterfall originates from the Kadam river which is known for its picturesque forests.

As per the legend, the waterfall is named after Shakuntala, who was believed to have fallen in love with king Dushyanta, at the very site. Also, it is said that Shakuntala used to take bath in this Kuntala Falls. Since Gond tribes mostly live here, the waterfall’s name is derived from the world ‘Kunta’ which means pond in both Gondi and Tamil. The word ‘Kuntalu’ stands for multiple ponds, and this waterfall is created by the confluence of several ponds which drains from the river.

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Reaching Kuntala Falls

On reaching the place, you would have to take a 10-15 minute climb down of about 400 steps to reach the falls.

How to Reach from Hyderabad to Kuntala Falls

Kuntala waterfall is about 310 km from Hyderabad, so it is perfect if you wish to go on a long drive for a short weekend getaway. If you’re using public transport, then there are buses only until the Neredikonda village after which you would have to book a taxi to reach the waterfall. You could also choose to travel by train to the Adilabad railway station, which is 58 KM from the Kuntala waterfalls.

Things to Do Near the Kuntala Waterfalls

  • When you’re visiting the Kuntala Falls, you should also try and check out the nearby Pochera Falls, the Kanakai Waterfalls and the Gayathri Falls situated close to Adilabad.
  • Try and visit the Kawal Wildlife Sanctuary which is currently a Tiger Reserve.
  • The place near Kuntala Waterfalls is perfect for a great fam picnic or even a much-needed hang out with your gang.

Precautions to Take Near the Fall

  • Although the waterfall looks great during the monsoons, it is often advised to avoid getting into the pool created by the waterfall as it may lead to accidents.
  • If you avoid the monsoons, you can always visit the waterfall between October and December.
  • It is best to avoid travelling to Kuntala Falls between January and June as the waterfall turns into a trickle due to the heat.

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