Nagaland Experiences An Unheralded Snowfall After A Leap of 37 years!

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An unexpected wave of flurry hit Nagaland, causing a massive whiteout in the state after a plunge of 37 years, making the state shiver in the biting frost and temperatures. Donning woollens like never before, the sudden snowfall is a bad omen of drastic climatic changes and rising environmental concerns.

Regions Affected

Nagaland witnessed the blizzard on Friday in Tokiye Town, Zavame village, Kizutsukeru and Konya villages, Phisame village and Dzuleke village which are located in different districts of Nagaland. Roads have come to a stand-still and traffic has been majorly affected. Moving out of houses have now turned difficult for the locals. 

If not snowfall, some districts of Nagaland like Dimapur which expect little to no winters has witnessed a massive drop in temperatures to 16 degrees which is a massive chill for the town! 

An (Un)Pleasant Phenomena 

On one hand, where the breathtaking Nagaland snowfall videos are trending after MLA from Suruhoto Constituency in the Zunheboto district, Nagaland took to Twitter to share a video from the Luvishe Village receiving snowfall; climate worrywarts are anxious on the other! If you think snow is a good sign, it actually isn't. For a state where temperatures in regions don't drop below 24-25 degrees, febricity is reaching seven to fifteen degrees showing us how massive the issue of climate change is! 

The concern is rampant not just in the North-Eastern state but all over India. With rains in some states and snowfall in the other, the matter is now turning into a radical subject. Where Rajasthan is experiencing snowfall and Delhi hitting extreme lows this season, we know the extreme temperatures aren't something to be happy about! 

What's In-store Now 

News has it that the regional meteorological centre has issued a red alert in high altitude regions of the country for the coming days. Aftermaths of snowfall in the upper areas will continue to affect activity in the plains as well.

For those looking to travel to the North East, please watch out! As appealing as the snowfall looks, tourist influx makes life difficult for the locals as well as for you. Travelling will also turn into a hassle if you pick to head now! 

Locals, it's time you keep those sweaters stacked as this winter isn't exactly turning out to be your best friend! 

Are you experiencing unforeseen winters in your state? Let us know in the comments below!

This post was published by Sony Punjabi

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