Transportation in Athens - Your Guide on How to Get Around

Athens is a tourist hub and invites thousands every day. You will see scattered buses, trams, and metro stations in every nook and corner. One of the most crucial concerns for most visitors is conveyance. In Athens, you don't need to worry about such. The public transportation in Athens is hassle-free and will allow you to wander along the length and breadth of the city with ease. However, be aware of pickpockets while you are traveling on public transport. Also, get a map of the routes to keep yourself updated. Don’t fall into easy traps of fraudulent cases.

Here's a list of transportation in Athens to help you get around the city:

1. Metro

Metro services in Athens
One of Athens's most accessible and comfortable forms of public transport is the metro. Reach your desired destination the fastest way possible by taking the metro open every day from 5:00 AM to 3:00 AM. It is run by the public Athens Mass Transit System, and the tickets used are universal, which means it is applicable for other transportation types like city buses and railways. You can get into the metro route from Athens airport as well.
  • There are three primary lines of the metro: the green, red, and blue lines.
  • The routes cover areas like Piraeus to Kifissia via the green route, Anthoupoli to Elliniko via the red line, and the Athens International Airport via Monastiraki station via the blue line.
  • There is a metro available almost every 5 minutes, making it easily accessible for all.
  • Tickets for the metro are comparatively cheaper in Athens.
  • It costs around EUR 1.40 for a regular 90-minute single ticket for all transport.
  • While traveling, keep in mind the rules and do not violate any. If violated, you will have to pay the fine deposit either in the Urban Rail Transport S.A. Bank account or through the Fine Dept Bureau. 

2. Suburban Railway

Athens Railways
Suburban Railway is another convenient way to travel around Athens. Travellers can travel to Attica and its surrounding regions, including Kiato, Chalkida, and Athens International Airport.
The major suburban lines include:
Athens International Airport  - Koropi - Ano Liosia
Athens International Airport - Koropi - Athens - Piraeus
Piraeus - Athens - KiatoPiraeus - Athens- Athens International Airport
Athens - Chalkida - Athens
  • The railway route moves through major archaeological sites and tourist spots, making it even better for visitors.
  • Make sure that you buy the tickets before, which are valid for 1 hour prior and 2 hours after the departure at the destination.
  • You can change your tickets 10 minutes before the journey from the Hellenic Train point.
  • Refunds for delay or cancellation are also initiated from here through nominal vouchers valid for a year. However, a ticket priced less than 4 Euros cannot be compensated.
  • The railways operate from 4:30 AM to 11:00 PM.

3. Buses and Trolley Buses

Double decker buses
Travel the nooks and corners of Athens in colorful blue buses and yellow trolleys. There are multiple downtown bus routes available, including the airport routes.
  • The fare is similar to that of the metro, which is EUR 1.40 for a 90-minute ride. 
  • Buses are available at regular intervals. However, the frequency and the intervals might vary depending on the traffic. Several bus lines to and from the airport include X95 Syntagma Square, X96 Piraeus, X93, X97, and X80.
  • Apart from these, the orange KTEL Attica buses are there to travel to the countryside of Attiki.
  • Airport buses are available 24*7. You can easily buy the tickets on board.

4. Tram 

Tram routes in Athens
For, a slow and relaxed ride on the road of Athens, take a ride on the Athens Coastal Tram. This service was made available in Athens in 2004 for the Summer Olympic Games. But Athens has a long history of tram lines since 1882 when the first tram lines were constructed here. The trip is slow and relaxing, with a fantastic coast view. 
  • It starts from Syntagma Square and connects central Athens with the coastal regions of  Glyfada, Voula, Piraeus, and Faliro. 
  • The average cost for a 25 KM route is approximately EUR 1.
  • The tram moves through the local neighborhood, otherwise impossible to experience in other public transport.
  • The operating time is from 5:30 Am to 1:00 AM every day, and trams are available every 15 to 30 minutes. 
It has three lines comprising 48 stops
Peace and Friendship Stadium - Voula
Syntagma Square - Peace and Friendship Stadium
Syntagma - Voula

5. Taxi

Taxi and car rentals in Athens
Taxi services are always available in Athens, especially in major tourist spots. There are fixed tariff rates per kilometer. Check the meter settings before starting your journey. The meter should be set to 1, which refers to the daytime rate, and should be set to 2, which refers to the night-time rate. A little extra must be paid if there is baggage or a prior schedule of picking us up from bus terminals, airports, or rail stations. Apart from the cost per kilometer, an additional charge of almost 1 Euro is attached per kilometer traveled. However, it is a little heavier on the pocket compared to other public transport. Language can be a barrier, but most taxi drivers know English.

You can go on private tours in a taxi. Multiple packages are available for travelers, like classic multi-day tours, classic day tours, private shore excursions, and many more at different rates. Some taxi services also offer private tours in sedans, limousines, or even minivans or the Supreme Athens Taxi Greece with personal, well-trained chauffeurs to take you around the city. Uber rides are also available in the city.

6. Car Rentals

Renting a car in Athens is much cheaper than in any other European country. Before renting a car, make sure you have a valid international driving permit from AAA or Many car rental companies are available in nooks and corners of the city. If you want to travel through the undiscovered tourist spots in Athens, try renting a smaller car that is easy for road-tripping. Travelers should be above 21 years old, and most rental services prefer to give licenses to those with more than two years of driving experience.

7. Hop-On Hop-Off Buses

Hop on Hop Off Bus in Athens
HOHO Sightseeing Bus
Athens has no shortage of magnificent spots, and to visit the place in an even better way, you can try the hop-on and hop-off tour buses. You can get to know about the unique places of Athen, and there are stops at every important street or square. Private companies arrange special double-decker buses at a fixed price for a full-day pass.

8. On Foot 

Explore Athens in an old-school way by foot. Most of the tourist spots in Athens are located close to each other, which are very quickly commutable on foot. Get in hand a map of the city, mark your destined location, and keep walking through beauty and history hand in hand. 

Check the average break up of ticket prices in Athens for buses, tram, metro, and railways.
90 minute ticket - EUR 1.40
24 hour ticket - EUR 4.50
5 day ticket - EUR 9
3 day tourist ticket (including return transport from airport) - EUR 22
Wander in Athens day and night and never get lost!

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