Sunrise in Charleston: A Complete Guide To 15 Best Vantage Points

Sunrise in Charleston is a breathtaking vista and therapeutic way to experience the scenic beauty of the Holy City. Giving you a feeling of a new beginning in unforgettable ways, sunrise in Charleston’s treasure chest of retro streets, boutique mansions, bridges, upscale shopping complexes, nature parks and islands are refreshing views to watch. Whether you are vacationing in the city, need to relax after a fervent night out or simply wish to reward yourself by waking early, Charleston offers plenty of unique sunrise views.

Timings For Sunrise in Charleston

Charleston’s sunrise occurs as early as 6:10am during summer while the timing is pushed back to an average of 7:04am - 7:10am in winter. The wee hours of morning always give you a chance to wake up before the city and tour a less crowded Charleston, while getting some amazing, unobstructed photos of the kaleidoscopic skyline.

15 Best Places to View Sunrise in Charleston

Sunrise in Charleston
Charleston is soaked in sunshine almost days every year. Here is a comprehensive list of the 15 top bridges, beaches, parks and islands in Charleston to enjoy sunrise views with addresses, sunrise timings and more: -

Bridges With Sunrise Views in Charleston

1. Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge

Sunrise at Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, Charleston
Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge, also known as Wonder’s Way, spans the Cooper River, offering one of the widest biking and cycling paths in Charleston and the 3rd longest of its kind in America. The cable-stayed bridge connects downtown Charleston to Mount Pleasant and is a hub of runners, cyclists, yoga lovers and walkers every morning during sunrise. There are 2 observation decks on Wonder’s Way with spectacular views of Charleston harbor and skyline. Take a quiet stroll, set a picnic and watch freight ships pass by.
Location: Charleston, South Carolina 29403
Length: 1,546 feet
Timings: 6:30am - 7:15am

2. Pitt Street Bridge

Pitt Meadows as Seen From Pitt Street Bridge, Charleston SC
Pitt Street Bridge is a hidden gem of Mount Pleasant extending towards Cove Island for watching the sunrise in Charleston. The historic site was used as a channel between Sullivan’s Island and Mount Pleasant back in the 1800s. It has now been restored into a well-manicured walking path with designated cycling zones. There are plenty of nature trails here leading to surrounding nature parks. Pitt Street Bridge is also a popular fishing pier where the sun comes up right behind the anchored boats.
Location: Old Village, Mount Pleasant, Charleston, South Carolina 29464
Timings: 6:30am - 7:05am

3. John F. Memorial Limehouse Bridge

Sunrise View From Limehouse Bridge, Charleston
Connecting Johns Island to West Ashley in Charleston is this majestic high-level bridge with a vertical clearance of over 65 feet above Stono River. This means that Limehouse Bridge is the perfect place for vast sunrise views focused both on Johns Island and towns in and around West Ashley. Bring your dogs and bikes to Limehouse Bridge for a rejuvenating start to your morning.
Location: Johns Island, Stono River, Charleston, South Carolina 29455
Timings: 6:15am - 7:20am

4. James Island Connector

Sunrise Over James Island Connector, Charleston
If you want sweeping views of James Island Creek, Charleston City Marina, downtown Charleston and its mansions, shopping districts and piers, James Island Connector is the place to be at sunrise. Some of the area’s barrier islands dating back to the 1800s can also be seen from here. Though not accessible for pedestrians, it is a great spot for biking and cycling after dawn.
Location: South Carolina Highway 30
Timings: 6:30am - 7:10am

Beaches With Sunrise Views in Charleston

5. Folly Beach

Folly Beach Pier, Charleston
Folly Beach is one of Charleston’s most sensational sunrise spots, gathering thousands of tourists worldwide who marvel at its lighthouses and pristine sands. There are only a few places more relaxing than this beach and the best part of it for enjoying a clear sunrise view is Edwin S. Taylor Folly Beach Fishing Pier. This 12-mile barrier coast is also famous for beachfront breakfast and brunch, picnics, beach sports and jogging.
Location: East Ashley Avenue, Charleston, South Carolina 29439
Timings: 6:15am - 7:10am

6. Isle of Palms Beach

Isle of Palms Beach, Charleston
Sandwiched between the Atlantic Ocean and Intercoastal Waterways near Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms is an iconic beach inlet and a locals’ favorite spot for spreading a yoga mat, laying a blanket, walking their dogs and enjoying the fresh morning breeze. The crystalline beach is lined with American eateries serving hot and tasty breakfast with beverages. Isle of Palms also offers outdoor showers, lounges, swimming suits and beach umbrellas on rentals. Hike up its entire length to meet several species of endangered wildlife.
Location: Isle of Palms, Charleston, South Carolina
Timings: 6:15am - 7:10am
Length: 7 miles

7. Sullivan’s Island Beach

Sullivan's Island Beach, Charleston
Bask in the soothing glow of sunrise in Charleston’s untouched coastline with pods of dolphins and mesmerizing views of encircling towns at Sullivan’s island Beach, known as a less busy sunrise spot than other beaches. Loved by couples for the immense privacy this beach offers, Sullivan’s Island is overlooked by breathtaking squared-shaped lighthouses as well. The Bearded Cat and Poe’s Tavern are two chic cafes onshore with coffee, snacks and drink menus.
Location: Charleston, South Carolina 29492
Timings: 6:30am - 7:30am

8. The Washout

The Washout, Charleston Folly Beach
The Washout is located on the farthest end of Folly Island, offering unmatched views of the 840-acre abandoned Morris Island. It is an important landmark in Charleston’s Civil War history and a highly coveted sunrise point. Even though natural erosion has reclaimed the island, you can still photograph the sun rising above Morris Island Lighthouse from The Washout, if you are on time while the sun appears along the horizon.
Location: 41 Center St, Folly Beach, SC 29439
Timings: 6:20am - 7:15am

Parks With Sunrise Views in Charleston

9. Battery Park

Battery Park, Charleston During Sunrise
Watch the sunrise in Charleston cast a magical glow on the farthest end of the city’s peninsula at Battery Park, housed within White Point Gardens. Battery Park is a riveting, colorful backdrop for a morning walk, running and cycling. As what once used to be a civil war defense seawall and promenade, the park retains some real canons, southern mansions and equipment used. Battery Park offers panoramic views of Charleston harbor and Ravenel Bridge. Keep an eye out for dolphins and boats while watching the sunrise.
Location: Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Timings: 6:30am - 7:10am
Coast length: 1,000 feet

10. Melton Peter Demetre Park

Sunrise in Charleston - Melton Peter Demetre Park
Renowned as “Sunrise Park”, Melton Peter Demetre Park offers one of the most impressive vantage points with views of Charleston harbor and Ravenel Bridge during sunrise. It is a great destination for family hikes amidst tropics and waterfront picnics after you have watched the sun coming up from the back of Mount Pleasant. Locals often say, “Don’t sleep on the magnificent views of Sunrise Park!”.
Location: 640 Wampler Drive, Charleston, South Carolina 29412
Timings: 6:30am - 7:15am
Area: 2 hectares

11. Riley Waterfront Park

Riley Waterfront Park, Charleston
Providing some of the finest sunrise views of Charleston harbor and Cooper River, Joe Riley Waterfront Park is an antiquated beach frequented by tourists and locals alike and is especially fun for kids. There are large decorative fountains, gentle beach swings and giant mature oaks lining the park, creating a welcoming retreat to start your day.
Location: Vendue Range, Concord Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Timings: 6:15am - 7am
Area: 5 hectares

12. North Charleston Riverfront Park

North Charleston Riverfront Park, Charleston
Featuring a large, ravishing meadow with waterfront views and performance pavilion for concerts, North Charleston Riverfront Park is almost always flooded with children, furry friends, picnickers, yoga lovers and hikers every morning during sunrise. Early birds rejoice - this is one of the places with earlier sunrise than the rest of Charleston and provides fantastic views of Cooper River, Noisette Creek and downtown regions.
Location: 1061 Everglades Avenue, North Charleston, South Carolina 29405
Timings: 6:05am - 7am

More Vantage Points For Sunrise in Charleston

13. Shem Creek

Shem Creek Sunrise, Charleston
Located a few strides down Charleston Mattress Showroom, this tranquil townpark, creek and wetland is flanked with dense subalpine vegetation and picturesque views of sunrise in Charleston over Fort Sumter and Mount Pleasant. Catch the best sunrise from the Red’s and Vickie’s at Shem Creek or walk all the way to the end of the broadwalk to watch birds hunt for breakfast, shrimp boats leave the shore, playful dolphins and Charleston harbor.
Location: Shrimp Boat Lane, Mount Pleasant, Charleston, South Carolina 29464
Timings: 6:30am - 7:05am

14. Daniel Island

Daniel Island, Charleston Sunrise
As the Wando River meanders along Charleston’s edges, Daniel Island spans few of the best island trails with verdant greenery. Watch the sunrise as its rays pierce through canopies to light the forest floor, leaving a dancing shimmer on golf courses. Take the adventure a notch up with rental boats that sail you along the entire coast, offering unparalleled horizon views. Since you are already here early in the morning, stay back longer to explore scenic hiking trails, playgrounds and plush gastropubs a few strides away.
Location: 1101 Saint Thomas Island Drive, Charleston, South Carolina
Timings: 6:30am - 7:15am
Trail length: 1.5 miles
Area: 4,000 acres

15. Aquarium Wharf

Aquarium Wharf, Charleston
Charleston’s Aquarium Wharf is acclaimed as the only sunrise vantage point in the city with stunning views of the Harbor Walk, Ravenel Bridge, Patriot Point, Cooper River and South Carolina Port. This is one of the quietest corners of the peninsula with 15 blocks to walk and enjoy cycling while the marshlands are home to exotic birds and aquatic animals. There are also relaxed wooden benches facing the sea after every few feet.
Location: 360 Concord Street, Charleston, South Carolina 29401
Timings: 6:15am - 7:20am

Things To Know For Watching Sunrise in Charleston

Sunrise in Charleston
1) Wearing a mask and social distancing are mandatory for tourists, locals and visitors at all public places in Charleston.
2) Carry sunscreen, drinking water and umbrellas while hiking along trails in Charleston. While beaches are often carpeted with tropics, foothills in many areas may lack shade.
3) Always check for parking availability and pet rules before visiting any sunrise places in Charleston.
4) Experiencing sunrise in Charleston is never complete without digging into delicious American brunch afterwards. Do visit the restaurants and authentic street food vendors around the spots.
5) If you have your own telescope, bring it with yourself!
6) In case you are not familiar with a certain area, don’t hesitate to ask locals for directions to vantage points.
In a community focused on family, beauty and lifestyle, where wellness is an essential routine, where yoga and posh puppies rule, sunrise in Charleston brings balance and tranquility. Have you visited any of these sunrise points before? We would love to hear your stories and queries in the comments below.

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