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Rich in culture and history, Charleston is a major port city in the state of South Carolina. The city is the biggest one in the state and is very famous for the historical sites and landmarks it is h (Read More)ome to. The city garners huge numbers of visitors from all over the world as the city’s experiences are unique. Aside from monuments, the streets also display the rich culture and historical imprint of the various people that resided there. Out of all monuments, the city has a fair share of forts and fortifications that were important places at times like the Civil War. This is our list of some of the forts in Charleston.

Here is the list of 5 Forts in Charleston

1. Fort Johnson, Charleston

Fort Johnson, Charleston

Fort Johnson was constructed upon James Island in the early 18th century. It was named after the Proprietary Governor of the Carolinas, Sir Nathaniel Johnson. The entire fortification consisted of three and more forts and structures, most of which were destroyed due to various factors. The fort did not see much activity in the 18th century but later witnessed the American Civil War and its very beginning. That was perhaps the time when new structures were built, and the fort was used the most. Unfortunately, a brick magazine made in the early 19th century is the only stable structure that remains of all the structures. Tours of the site are available, explaining the historical background of the fort.

Timings : Hours are subject to frequent change, various tour options are available throughout the day

Fee : Fee depends on the tour opted for

Year Established : 1708

Address : Fort Johnson Rd, Charleston, SC 29412, United States

2. Fort Sumter, Charleston

Fort Sumter, Charleston

Arguably the most popular fort of the city and one of the most famous ones in the nation, Fort Sumter is a must-visit spot. The fort is placed upon an artificial island, sitting at the harbour gate and has seen the beginning of the Civil War in the late 19th century. The fort was built as a protective structure that can save the city from foreign invasion in the early 19th century. Though the fort could have been more glorious than it is now, with a structure stronger than most forts currently, the construction was cut short due to various reasons. In 1861, when the war broke out, the fort faced massive damage to its structure and though repairs have been made, it is still not restored to how it was when it was initially built. The fort now serves as a monument for locals and tourists. It displays the rich history that it has witnessed through the years. The fort and the Visitor Education Centre offer tours and exhibits to better explain the incidents that occurred there. The fort can be accessed by riding a ferry from Patriots Point.

Timings : Open 24/7 daily

Fee : Free Admission (but you have to pay for the ferry ride to the location itself)

Year Established : 1829

Address : South Carolina 29412, United States

3. Castle Pinckney, Charleston

Castle Pinckney, Charleston

Situated just off the harbour initially upon a small island, Castle Pinckney is another fortification of importance in Charleston. The fort was reconstructed on an existing structure that also served as a defence area against possible attacks. Soon after the reconstruction, the structure was struck by a hurricane and took massive damage. For a long time after being repaired, it remained inactive until 1832 when it was re-garrisoned. But the major events for the fort only came during the Civil War as a prison. Due to the lack of facilities, the prisoners were moved to the mainland again. After which, it became a national monument in 1924. Though various people attempted to restore it and turn it into a museum, the island is quite far from the mainland and the necessary funds are not present. It is estimated that the fort will soon disintegrate.

Timings : Open 24/7 daily

Fee : Free Admission (but you have to pay for the ferry ride to the location itself)

Year Established : 1808

Address : Shutes Folly Island, SC 29464, United States

4. Fort Moultrie, Charleston

Fort Moultrie, Charleston

Situated atop Sullivan’s Island, Fort Moultrie consists of various fortifications built from the late 18th century to protect the city. The fort is one of the oldest ones and holds important events in the history of the USA. The fortification began when Colonel William Moultrie acquired Sullivan’s Island which only had an unfinished fort. Though the war of 1776 ended in favour of Moultrie, the fort was later captured in 1780 by the British, who only left two years later. The first fort was constructed of palmetto logs and sand, but later more robust brick forts were constructed, and the fort only improved from there. After witnessing various wars through almost two centuries, the fortification is now a historic site that offers tours and exhibitions to portray its historical importance. The fort comes under the same governing body as Fort Sumter and is frequented by tourists.

Timings : Open 9 am-5 pm daily

Fee : $10 for ages 16 and up; Free admission for ages 15 and under

Year Established : 1776

Address : 1214 Middle St, Sullivan's Island, SC 29482, United States

5. Fort Palmetto, Charleston

Fort Palmetto, Charleston

Marking the eastern end of the Christ Church Parish line of defence, this three-gun battery served as an important spot for the war. The fort was a clever earthwork construction that was built to stop federal ships that could infiltrate through the waterways. The structure was a cleverly built one with clever positioning and served its purpose well. Though the structure does not remain in the area anymore, the park is a lovely area to visit and experience. Various information boards across the pathway provide valuable information about the monument and the purposes it served. The greenery is also refreshing to take a walk alongside the historical importance of the fort. Various tours are available for tourists too.

Timings : Open 24/7 daily

Fee : Free Admission

Year Established : 1861

Address : Mt Pleasant, SC 29466, United States

The historical events in Charleston throughout the years have left an imprint on it and can be witnessed in the various monuments and structures left behind. This was our list of the best forts in Charleston that you can pay a visit to next time you explore the city.

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