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Are you an adventure seeker who loves to have thrilling experiences? then you must try paragliding in Cape Town. With the stunning view of the city, you are surely going to have a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Cape Town has many flying locations like Sir Lowry’s Pass, Franschhoek, and Hermanus. If you are a beginner, then tandem paragliding instructional flights could be your go-to thing. But before you begin your experience, it is equally important that you understand everything that your pilot briefs you about and have trust in him. If you are an experienced paraglider, you can also opt for a free flight. Flights usually last from 5 – 30 minutes.

Tandem Paragliding in Cape Town

Tandem Paragliding
You can enjoy Tandem flights if you are a beginner in Cape Town. Tandem paragliding means that there is going to be a wing that will hold two people: an experienced instructor and you. You both will be seated in your own harness, which is attached together. There are multiple operators that provide you with the option of Tandem Paragliding.

Best Time for Paragliding in Cape Town

If you are thinking of planning a trip to Cape Town, then you might consider the summer month. In addition to that, humidity is not high. The best time for paragliding is when it is hottest, between 11 AM and 3 PM, but this also varies daily. Because of the temperatures in Cape Town, passengers usually go for the summer months (November – February).

Best Locations for Paragliding in Cape Town

1. Porterville

Porterville is one of the best sites for paragliding in Cape Town. It is located some 140 kilometres away from Cape Town. You can see the beautiful dry fields and experience the warm temperatures.
Best Time to visit: October - April.
Time Taken: 30 minutes - 2 hours.
Location: West Coast, Western Cape, South Africa.
Approximate Cost: RAND 1500 (depends on the operator).

2. Lions Head

lions head
Lion’s head is yet another great site which is 669 meters (2,195 ft) above the ocean level. You can see the white sandy beaches of Camps Bay and the Twelve Apostles. Lion’s head is also a part of Table Mountain National Park. You will land next to Bungalow, Clifton.
Location: Signal Hill, Cape Town, 8001, South Africa.
Approximate Cost: RAND 1300 (depends on the operator).

3. Table Mountain 

Table Mountain
At the north of Table Mountain, you can see the sandstone mountain. You can see Devil’s Peak in the east, and in the west, Lions Head could be found. You can enjoy the gorgeous view of the Cape Peninsula too. But this is not an extremely safe site because it is unpredictable, so it is advised only experienced paragliders should launch their flights from here.
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape province, South Africa.
Approximate Cost: RAND 1300 (depends on the operator).

4. Hermanus

Hermanus is another stunning site for paragliding, and it takes almost an hour to reach here from Cape Town. It is well known for whales, so you should visit from August to November when the chances of spotting whales is higher.
Best season to visit: Spring.
Location: Cape Town, Western Cape province, South Africa.
Approximate Cost: RAND 1550 (depends on the operator).

5. Sir Lowry’s Pass

Lowry pass
The ‘Sir Lowry’s Pass’ site is well known because it provides a good view of the Overberg area. The take-off is 420 meters above ocean level. If you are an experienced paraglider, then you can experience the cross-paragliding flight. The time taken from the Cape Town to the Garden route will be approximately 30 minutes. You can see open spaces, mountains, and vegetation, also Gordons Bay.
Location: Somerset West, Cape Town, 7130, South Africa.
Approximate Cost: RAND 1300 (depends on the operator).

Paragliding Operators in Cape Town

1. HI5 Tandem Paragliding Operators

HI5 Tandem Paragliding Operators have SAPHA (South African Hang-gliding and Paragliding Association) Certified Instructors. Tandem Paragliding flights are done from Signal Hill, Lions Head, Table Mountain National Park, Sir Lowry Pass, Franschhoek, Hermanus, and Kommetjie.
Preferred Landing fields: Sea Point promenade, which is situated opposite the Winchester Mansion, and the fields at the Glen Country Club / Bungalow Restaurant
Duration: 8 – 15 minutes (dependent on weather conditions).
Cost for Tandem Paragliding Flight: RAND 1400
Tandem Paragliding Flight with In-Flight Photo & Video: RAND 1700.
Advice: If you go in December then expect a slight increase in the rates.

2. Parapax Tandem Paragliding Operators

This is going to be an amazing Cape Town tandem paragliding experience. You can get the flights from Lions Head or Signal Hill. No experience is needed. The maximum weight is 120kg.
Dressing Recommendation: Closed shoes and long pants are required.
Tandem Paragliding Flight: RAND 1400 – RAND 1700
Tandem Paragliding Flight with In-Flight Photo & Video: Extra 300 RAND.
Advice: If you go in December then you can expect a slight increase in the rates.
Duration: 5 up to 30 minutes depending on the weather conditions.

 3. The Tandem Flight Company

You can enjoy the beautiful views while flying from the signal hall. The usual weight limit for tandem Paragliding is 120 Kg (Depending on the operator)
Approximate Cost: RAND 1250 without photos and videos. Extra RAND 300 for photos and videos.
Age Limit - A legal guardian or parental consent is needed to sign off the children which are under the age of 18. In addition to that, if you are suffering from any medical problems, then you need to consult your doctor first and only then come for paragliding. 


  • Things to Wear:
    Long pants.
    You can wear lace-up shoes or closed ones. 
    A light jacket or windbreaker is also recommended.
    You can also keep sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat with you. 
    Long-sleeved wind stopper top is recommended.
  • Drinking Water is important if you are going for a hike up to Lion’s head.
  • You can also bring your camera, but only you will be responsible for it. The pilot will also offer you high-quality photos and video at a small extra cost which you can opt for. 
While paragliding can be a bit of a dangerous sport, if you book an experienced operator and take all the safety precautions, you have nothing to worry about. So, enjoy all the enthralling views that Cape Town has to offer and experience something magical.

This post was published by Aayushi Shukla

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