ABC's of Kitesurfing in Cape Town

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Cape town has exceptionally supportive weather conditions when it comes to kitesurfing, and while the conditions are most suitable throughout the year, the period between the months of October and April is the best as the winds here are better than in any other spot in the world. 
This period of spring till late summer experiences strong south-easterly winds of an average speed of 15-30 knots, making it a delightful experience for kite surfers. 

Best Kitesurfing Spots in Cape Town

 1. Sunset Beach

Kite surfing at beach

Stretching 10km over the coastal region and situated right beside the KiteWorldWide Mansion Cape Town, Sunset Beach is a beautiful place with a breezy atmosphere and drizzling coastal waves which takes one of the top places in a kitesurfer’s list.

2. Table Mountain

If you want to enjoy amazing views from a height to enjoy better winds and an obstacle-free experience, then this kitesurfing spot on the top of Table Mountain is the perfect spot for intermediate and experienced kitesurfers and isn’t recommended for beginners due to its height. One can relish amazing south African cuisines at the restaurants and cafes on the beach.

3. Big Bay

A hotspot for freestylers, Big Bay captivates multiple surfers all year long. The waves here break between two rock formations and offer the perfect “playground”. Its location is very convenient as it's only 25 minutes from Cape Town and offers many multi-cuisine restaurants.

4. Blouberg Beach

Blouberg Beach
A paradise for experienced kiters, Blouberg Beach is loaded with surf shops and cafes to give you the ultimate fun time.

5. Haakgat

Another challenging hotspot specifically for advanced kiters where the waves can rise as high as 6 meters, at Haakgat, people come to surf and watch, which is worthwhile both ways. The only drawback, there aren't any active eateries around the spot, so don’t forget to bring your eatables along.

6. Somerset Beach

Somerset Beach offers a capacious space encompassing beginner and advanced kiters as the freestylers can enjoy strong thermals here and are conveniently located at a distance of 40 minutes from Cape Town. The place even offers additional facilities such as showers and toilets on the premises of the beach itself.

7. Platboom Beach

Fancy exploring your kitesurfing skills surrounded by nature, then Platboom Beach is your go-to! Situated in the lap of nature, 1.5 hours from the city of Cape Town, the white beaches and sparkling turquoise water enthrals even the non-kiters. An important tip, protect your food and belongings as the place is famous as a hotspot for wandering notorious monkeys.

8. Dolphin Beach

A popular beach among the finely skilled kiters, this beach doesn’t experience massive waves and hence often makes it beginner friendly on calm days. There's enormous space for kiting, launching and landing and it is considered a very exotic location.

9. Langebaan

Langebaan is an all-rounder spot for kiters to unleash their skills and get mesmerized by the amazing blue waters of a massive lagoon. The shallow waters are divided into three sectors and are a rarely found gem in the capital city and are blessed with the best conditions to support freestyle kite surfing, such as the high wind probability. That’s not all; the place is also loaded with a variety of cafes and facilities of showers and toilets.

10. Hermanus Lagoon

Looking for a perfect weekend escape away from the hustle and bustle of the city to hone your kitesurfing skills, then look no further! Situated in the lush lap of nature, Lagoon is approximately a 2.5-hour drive from the main city and makes for an excellent road trip as well. This particular spot is in the good books of all kiters, especially because the weather conditions and winds are extremely favourable almost at all times. One quick tip - avoid crashing your kite here as the horrendous amount of seaweed present might entangle your kite and give you an unwanted and stinky chore to deal with. 

Important Tips for Kitesurfing

  • Proper training is important to hone your skills, and you can buy a trainer kite for yourself, preferably with a bar to practice.
  • Check for the appropriate weather conditions before heading to your chosen spot. There is a risk of injury if the weather conditions are harsh and unfavourable.
  • In any case, it is advisable not to step into the wind with speed greater than 40 knots.
  • It is always good to wear a safety helmet during training as it keeps your sunglasses in place and prevents bumps in the head.
  • The size of the board is inversely proportional to the intensity of the wind, hence use a smaller board during higher winds and a smaller board during lighter winds.
  • One common problem faced by surfers on a beach spot is that the water starts to collect inside the wetsuit along the calves. One technique to drain the water is to punch the drain holes using a pointed nail from the inside of the suit.
So whether you’re an amateur or a well-experienced kiter, Cape Town will never cease to amaze you with its brilliant atmosphere, multicultural land, friendly fellow kiters, and stunning beaches for the best surfing experience.

This post was published by Muskan Jaggi

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