Camping in Coorg: The Best Campsites In Coorg For The Ultimate Adventure

Nestled in the state of Karnataka is this small yet beautiful city of Coorg, also known as Kodagu. If you are someone who is a nature lover and long for some adventure in your life, camps in Coorg are the place to be, whether it is a week-long holiday or a weekend getaway. Popularly known as the ‘Scotland of India’, you are sure to find yourself lost in the mesmerizing beauty of this hill station with its magnificent waterfalls, lush green landscapes, and mystical mountains.

We have curated a list of some exciting options for camping in Coorg for the adrenaline junkie in you:

1. Civet Creek Camp, Madikeri

Civet Creek Camp, Madikeri
Take on this thrilling two-day camping journey which packs excitement and fun on every step of the way. This power-packed camp in Coorg experience offers you to witness the hilly routes of the place, along with breathtaking views of the waterfall and famous coffee plantations along the way.

Other activities include camping, trekking, taking a ride in the jeep, playing indoor games like table tennis, carom, darts, along with a trampoline to awaken the child in you. After, a tiresome day of trekking and exploring the beautiful attractions sit back and relax by the bonfire singing songs and narrating ghost stories while you enjoy a barbequed snack to top off the whole experience. Lastly, tuck in your tent for a good night's sleep under the star-lit sky.
Average Tariff: INR 1500-2235
Contact: +91 9116664410

2. Coleman Camping Adventure Coorg

Coleman Camping Adventure Coorg
This camp comes with a flexible offer of a homestay or camping stay span over two days to suit your likeability and preference. The campsite in Coorg allows you to truly explore the outdoors and participate in many different kinds of outdoor and indoor activities like trekking, boating, rifle shooting, and many more fun-filled experiences. For all the foodies out there, the camp also offers you the famous Coorg cuisine in both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options to tantalize your taste buds and enjoy the mouthwatering cuisine.
Average Tariff: INR 1650-2300
Contact: +91 7822094637

3. Coorg Jungle Camp, Khushalnagar Resorts

Coorg Jugle Camp, Khushalnagar Resorts
This camp beautifully blends wilderness and beauty into something which you will only find in the beautiful city of Coorg. The location of the campsite is the main attraction for this particular camp in Coorg. Span over 10 acres of land, you will find yourself mesmerized between the lush green plantations and the natural facing streams. There are also many group activities organized around the riverside for you to enjoy which are the cherry on top to this camp. The fun never ends as you enjoy the night time with many campsite activities near the bonfire. However, the campsite requires a minimum booking of 4 people at a time having a maximum capacity of 50 people.
Average Tariff: INR 2100-2700 
Contact: 9116664401

4. Coorg Camping, Jollyboys

Coorg Camping, Jollyboys
The campsite is perfect for you, whether you are a nature lover or an adrenaline junkie. The scenery is indeed captivating for every visitor with its mystical hills. Immerse yourself in many different camping activities ranging from jungle safaris, night safaris, trekking, tent camping and mountain trekking to experience the whole thrill of the camping experience. Finally, finish off the long day by relaxing by the campsite and grabbing a delicious bite to savour in the entire camping experience.
Average tariff: INR 1400-1500
Contact: 070463 53545

5. Wild Monsoon Adventure Series

Wild Monsoon Adventure Series
This exciting and thrilling camp in Coorg happened just once in a year in the monsoons, somewhere between June and July. The second name of the campsite is an adventure as it is full of different activities like river rafting, trekking through the rainforest of Tadiandamol, which is the highest peak in the district of Coorg. The fun never ends at this unique monsoon camp as you enjoy yourself in some tasty barbequed dishes and wine tasting to complete the whole experience.
What’s more?

The excitement and the thrill of the camp continue even when it is raining, and the next morning you will find your name on a raft waiting to take you away through the chilling waters all the way enjoying the rain and the beautiful misty weather.
Average tariff: INR 3900-4500

6. Fishing Camp

Fishing Camp
The campsite in Coorg is entirely eco-friendly depending upon solar power for its electricity needs. For all the aqua lovers out there, this campsite is the perfect choice for you.  The camp is surrounded by a seasonal stream which flows during the monsoons and has a pond inside the property which has over 5000 fishes which are visible at any point that you will visit the place. The campsite also offers a swimming pool for you to enjoy a dip during a warm summer day.

This camp is a complete treat for you if you are a non-vegetarian, as they will cook the fish that you have caught and under some particular circumstances also allow you to refrigerate the fish and take it with you on the way home. However, don't feel disheartened if you are a vegetarian as the camp also allows you to cook your meal, which becomes a fun activity for the group to participate.

Fishing, although it is one of the major attractions of the campsite is not the only one. The main highlight of the camp is the jeep drive at night, which allows the owner to drive and indulge in this thrilling experience.
Average cost: INR 2000-2900
Contact: +91 7625097541

7. Coffee Farm Camping in Coorg

Coffee Farm Camping in Coorg
Coorg is famous not only for its natural beauty but also for its marvellous coffee plantations. This camp in Coorg is a paradise for all the nature lovers, coffee lovers and adventure lovers out there. This camping experience offers you the best of both worlds, giving you a camping experience along with providing you with the luxury of staying in at the resort.

The camp allows you to indulge in various activities such as taking a walk through the beautiful coffee plantation, chasing the ducks by the pond and enjoying the authentic and local cuisine of the place. The experience requires a minimum booking of 6 people and is a family-friendly camp accommodating people of all age groups.
Average cost: INR 3500-3700

Well then get your camping gear ready and tie up your sneakers to embark on an exciting and thrilling camping adventure to remember for a lifetime.

This post was published by Priyanka Chugh

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