Getting Around Saudi Arabia

Getting Around in Saudi Arabia

Transportation in Saudi Arabia is not a problem. Travelers prefer taxis for short trips. In all the mahor cities of the country, a well-developed bus system is available. However, there is a lot of traffic on roads and people don't follow traffic rules. So, be careful while on roads. There are few rail networks within the country and regular flights operate between prominent cities of Saudi Arabia.

Getting Around Saudi Arabia By Air

Traveling via air transport is also a suitable option since it is not time-consuming. Almost all the major cities of the country have domestic airports. Airlines currently operating in Saudi Arabia are Flynas, Saudia, Mid East Jet and Saudi Gulf.

Getting Around Saudi Arabia By Rail

In Saudi Arabia, there is a railway network connecting Riyadh, Al-Hofuf and Dammam. The Saudi Railways Organization runs regular trains weekly between these cities. However, the rail network of the country is stil not developed. Some of the railway lines are under construction. The present operating trains are comfortable, clean and cheap too.

Getting Around Saudi Arabia By Road

Road network of Saudi Arabia is efficient and driving on the roads is a pleasure. Within cities, taxis are a comfortable way to get around. Haggling with taxi drivers is common. Self-drive is also an option. But, women are not allowed to drive or to ride bicycles. Bus services are provided by Saudi Arabian Public Transport Company. A well-organised bus system exists in Riyadh, Jeddah and Al Khobar. You can book your ticket one day in advance after showing identification.

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