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Getting Around in Morocco

Local transport is not a problem in Morocco. Buses, trains, cabs and car rentals are available for you to choose from. A lot of the locals prefer travelling by train, as it is both faster and cheaper. Buses are also used by the citizens, followed by taxis.

Getting Around Morocco By Air

Domestic airline travel is not generally preferred here, as it gets a little expensive. However, the national carrier of Morocco, Royal Air Maroc, does have well-connected flights within the country, should you choose to travel by air.

Getting Around Morocco By Rail

Travelling by train is the best option in Morocco. Train services are very frequent and easily accessible from all towns. Tangier to Marrakesh and Tangier to Oujda are popular routes, running daily. However, keep in mind that delayed trains are a pressing problem in Morocco.

Getting Around Morocco By Road

You can get around by bus services. Local buses are available in plenty, but are not the best option, as it can get uncomfortable travelling in these. Several people opt for the luxury buses, which are operated by CTM. Most of these buses travel through the most scenic routes of major cities, making for a delightful experience. Taxis are also available and are commonly used to get around. Roads are in good condition, so you can always rent a car.

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