Best Time To Visit Dominican Republic

What is the best time to visit Dominican Republic?

December to February is the best time to visit the Dominican Republic. During these months, winters hit the country and touring around the places gets comfortable. The best part is, although it’s termed as the peak season, you won’t find it hard to find a place in a hotel on the spot. The country always enjoys a warm climatic condition and hence, it’s quite a popular travel destination from all over the globe. The spectacular beaches lined with coconut trees, the tropical scenery around, and the mild & warm seawater make it popular amongst travellers.

The temperature fluctuates between 25 degrees C to 28 degrees C in summers, which is from May-July. During these months, the climate gets hot and humid. During the wet months of August and September, Dominican Republic receives an average rainfall of 2500 mm, especially in the mountain parts. To avoid such heavy rain, if you travel during these months, try to keep closer to the coastline. Always keep in mind that the Dominican Republic is situated in the centre of the Caribbean hurricane belt and hence, in every decade, it gets hit by a significant storm. So, August and September are the major hurricane seasons in the country.

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Dominican Republic Rainy Season (September-November)

September-November can be the shoulder months for travelling to the Dominican Republic. Although categorised as the hurricane season, it’s not that you will have to face a storm every day or get hit by a cyclone during your stay. The shoulder months starting from Thanksgiving till early December is usually termed as the calm before the storm! The hurricane threat usually starts from August and stays till mid-September. But in case you plan your trip during these shoulder months, make sure to ensure your journey to be saved from any such circumstances. If you wish to visit Punta Cana or Puerto Plata, the prices will be so low that some of them might seem like mistakes!

Dominican Republic Summer Season (Mid April-July)

Mid-April to July is the low season in the Dominican Republic. These are the summer months when the temperature is hot and humid. Also, there might be some threats of the hurricane from 1st of June which you must keep in mind while planning a vacation there. The prices are accordingly lower from that of the winter months. However, if you wish to escape the crowd, planning a trip to the country during summers is a good idea. Also, you can enjoy sunbathing and swimming to the fullest in the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean!

Key Events in Summer
• Semana Santa
Here, the Afro-Dominican Vodu celebrations coincide with the Dominican Catholic Easter celebrations. This event is exciting where the locals dress as devils and mock-punishes the people around with insults and whips.

• San Juan Bautista, San Juan de la Maguana
This festival honours the Saint John the Baptist along with Chango, which is a god or a spirit lifted from the West African Yoruba culture. The event is organised by the locals, which have music and dance all night long.

July / August
• Festival de Merengue, Santo Domingo
This is like the jazz festival in the USA. And this event entirely makes one understand the national treasures to the spectators. It happens around Malecón with great music pumping all night long!

Dominican Republic in Winter (December - March)

December-March is the peak season in the Dominican Republic. Also, January to March is termed as the ‘wave season’ in the Dominican Republic. The temperature cools down, and it’s a little windy because of the northeast trade winds from the sea. However, the best thing is, you can still swim in the ocean as the water temperature hardly goes below 27 degrees C. If you wish to travel to the country anytime during these months, you can enjoy several local events and festivals. December is the whale-watching season like every year, more than 2000 whales come closer to the waters of Samana Peninsula. The winter months are also great for water sports like snorkelling and scuba diving. Christmas and New Year are, however, the busiest and it’s tough to get a good accommodation option during this time if not booked early.

Key Events in Winter
• Guloya Festival, San Pedro de Macorís
It takes place in January in San Pedro which has a heavy Cuban influence. The festival draws a massive crowd every year for its bold drummer processions through the neighbourhood of Miramar. It will give you the hint of the colourful subculture which isn’t possible anywhere else.
• Epifania
Also known as Dia de Los Santos Reyes and is celebrated nationwide. Each of the villages and towns marks the end of the Christmas vacation, and this event has some of the most exciting festivities with processions starring Three Wise Men.
• Dia De Duarte
Juan Pablo Duarte is the father of the Dominican Republic and his birthday, which falls on 26th January, is celebrated with much zeal among the locals. A carnival is performed in some of the major cities of the Dominican Republic with gun salutes in the beginning.

• Carnaval, Santo Domingo
It is the biggest annual celebration in the Dominican Republic. There are street parties on every Sunday of the month with plenty of partying and processions, delicious local cuisines and culture.
• Cabarete Sand Castle Festival
Every February, for ten days, Cabarete is transformed into a big sand sculpture park. The work on displays are beautiful and are a must-see for everyone.

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