Best Time To Visit Chile

What is the best time to visit Chile?

Chile has diverse regions so the best time to visit Chile differs accordingly however October to March are considered ideal. The seasons of Chile are quite different from the ones that people experience in the Northern Hemisphere. If someone is going to visit the Chilean Patagonia, then they may do so in the months of October to March when the weather is warm and the peak season for tourism in entire Chile. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy trekking in the beautiful mountains of Patagonia. But if someone wants to visit the Atacama Desert, then they may visit anytime during the year as it remains dry. You can always enjoy the sight of the pink flamingos or experience the beautiful sunset in the Atacama. People aiming for the middle of Chile can also visit throughout the year where they can check out the beautiful Vineyards. But in all, if someone wants to cover a considerable amount of Chile, then they should aim to visit during the summer months that last from November to March. If you think of visiting Chile in the offseason, that is in the winter months, then be ready to enjoy the activities away from the crowd.

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Seasons in Chile

Peak Season in Chile
The summer months are the peak season in Chile. Summer starts from the end of October and lasts until March. The weather is warm almost throughout the country except for some places. You will see that a lot of tourists visit the country during this time and the accommodations get booked very fast. It is a fantastic time to visit the Torres del Paine National Park, which looks exquisitely beautiful. The crowd starts to thin out in March, so people who want to enjoy Chile in a lesser crowd can target this time. During the summer season, the temperatures can go up to 30 degrees Celsius in some areas.

Shoulder season in Chile
There are mainly two shoulder seasons in Chile. One lasts in April and May, which is often considered the Autumn and another lasts in September and October. The precipitation is high at these times, but still, tourists can enjoy the country. Chile tends to be emptier than the rush that it faces during the summer months. The weather is pleasant during these months, and it is an excellent time to travel to a destination such as the Chilean Patagonia and the Lake District.

Off Season in Chile
Every place in Chile doesn’t have an offseason as you can visit the Atacama Desert or Middle Chile anytime during the year. But winter months are generally considered the offseason for the country, and they last from June to August or mid-September. Places like Chilean Patagonia faces harsh winter and become inaccessible. Even the Torres del Paine and The Lake District remains extremely cold and wet during the winter season. But people who would like to experience Torres del Paine in its wildest form should strive to visit the place during the winter months. They may have a higher chance of catching the sight of a Puma.

Regions of Chile

Atacama Desert
The Atacama Desert is considered one of the driest places present in this world and rain is seldom seen over here. It remains considerably warm and dry during the day and colder during the night throughout the year. So, you can visit the place according to your convenience. But sometimes in late January torrential rain is seen in this region.

Patagonia is yet another region in Chile, which is famous among the tourists. This area is known for the strong winds as well. The summer months, which last from November till March is considered the best time to visit the area. But the shoulder seasons of April and May, as well as September and October, can be good times. But people should avoid the place during the winter months at all cost because of the harsh winters and snowfall. The temperature drops below -15 degrees Celsius at some places.

Santiago & The Central Valley
The middle of Chile enjoys a Mediterranean type of climate throughout the year. So, it never really turns too hot or too cold. So, people can visit it throughout the year. In Spring people can enjoy the greenery of the place, especially in the Vineyards. Tourists may want to visit the site during the summer months ranging from November to March when the place is full of colours and festivities.

Torres del Paine & The Lake District
If you are fond of checking out the natural beauties of Chile, then you do need to visit the places of Torres del Paine and The Lake District. It is advisable to visit them during the summer and spring season to enjoy the beauty and wildlife. But the park does remain open throughout the year, and people who want to see it in the wildest can visit during the winter months lasting from June to August.

Chile in Summer (November to March):

November marks the beginning of summer in Chile which falls in the Peak season for the tourists. The country again sees an influx of tourists as the weather is warm and dry. It is a time when bookings need to be done as fast as possible. They are a happy time for the locals as well as the tourists. People from all over the world flock to the country to visit its wonders. The weather is warm and people can actually move around the country without any problems. It is a great time to spend some time in Santiago. Summer is also a great time to check out the wine district which turns green. It can be considered as one of the best times to visit Chile.

Key Events in Chile
  • Venidmas is a type of wine harvesting festival that is celebrated throughout the country and it starts in February.
  • Christmas is celebrated with all the glory in Chile and tourists can enjoy different types of foods and shows at this time.
  • The Tapati Festival is organised in the Easter Islands and it is a celebration of the local culture.

Chile in Autumn (April and May):

April and May are considered as the Autumn months of Chile which gives way to the harsh winters. It is the shoulder season for tourists so people can still visit the country during this time. If you are visiting Chile in April or May, do consider carrying an umbrella as there is always a probability of heavy rainfall. Día de las Glorias Navales is celebrated on 21st May to commemorate Captain Arturo Prats, a national hero.

Chile in Winter (June to August)

The months of June to August is considered winter in Chile. This is a time when places like Patagonia grow extremely cold and become out of bounds for tourists. But it is still an excellent time to visit the Atacama Desert, Santiago and the Easter Islands. The winter months also bring a lot of rainfall to many of its regions.

Key Events in Winter
• Festival of the Virgen del Carmen is held from 12th to 17th June at La Tirana which is situated in the Atacama Desert.
• Chileans celebrate the Indigenous New Year of Chile on June 24th which is the night of the winter solstice.

Chile in Spring (September and October)

September and October are considered as the shoulder season for tourists in Chile. The weather is pleasant so they can go to all the places including Torres del Paine and The Lake District and Chilean Patagonia. You can catch spring flowers in the Lake District at this time. Chileans celebrate their Independence day on 18th of September, and it is a time of joy and merriment.

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