Belize Travel Guide

Continent: North America

Belize Travel Essentials

Ideal Duration: 7-10 days for exploring the cayes, rainforests, and Mayan ruins

Best Time: Late November - Mid April Read More

Accommodation Cost (per night in USD):
Dorm bed: $15-30
Budget: $50-100
Mid-range: $120-200
Luxury: $250 and above

Budget for Food & Drinks (per day in USD): Budget: $15-30
Mid-range: $40-70

Visa Policy for Indians: Visa not required for short stays

Visa Policy for Other Nationals: Visa not required for many countries for short stays

Getting In Belize: Philip S W Goldson International Airport (BZE) in Belize City Read More

Getting Around Belize: Water taxis, buses, rental cars Read More

"The hidden gem of central America."

Belize Tourism

Belize is a nation located on the East coast of central America. It is bordered by Caribbean sea in the South , Guatemala in the West and East , Mexico in the North. It has very low population . It has rich ecosystem , dense forests , wildlife and marine life. It has close ties to Latin American and Caribbean countries. It is known for its festivals, music and coral reefs.

Best time to visit Belize

Since Belize has a very pleasant weather, travellers can enjoy throughout the year. (Read More)

Holidify's opinion on Travel to Belize

What's Great about Travelling to Belize?

Friendly people . Cheap local food. Tropical climate with lush green forests.

What's Not So Great about Travelling to Belize?

Exorbitant visa cost. High rate Malarial infections. Very distant and expensive for Asian tourists.

Who should Travel to Belize?

Divers , explorers , the adventurous , enthusiasts , archeology lovers, wildlife and ecological enthusiasts.

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Exchanging Money in Belize

There are various ATM machines which can be used for currency exchange and they can be found in Belize city and in all other towns and districts. Few gas stations in major highways, or supermarkets also will├Žalso have ATM. Credit cards with four digit pin code is accepted and the cash that will be dispensed will be in terms of BZ $. Banks usually provide lower selling rate and higher buying rate.

Nightlife in Belize

Compared to other Caribbean countries, the night club scene in Belize lacks lustre. Belize city is tiny and comparatively quiet by most international standards. However, there are many notable clubs which offer entertainment and hangouts.

Shopping in Belize

Markets in the city cater to needs of the locals, and there are designated areas which are famous choices for tourists to shop. Tourism Village is a favourite spot for tourists who arrive by cruise. Local vendors and hawkers set up crafts, souvenir and food joints in the spot where the ships arrive. Many permanent shops are also there. National Handicraft Center on South Park Street has a large selection of pottery, woven baskets, woodcarvings and furniture. Shopping centres in Belize City include Commercial Center and Queen's Square Market. Sak Tunich, The orange gallery and Cotton tree chocolate are other popular places to visit. Tourists who love shopping local will find a lot of take-home options.

Festivals of Belize

Various festivals are celebrated throughout the year. Easter is celebrated with extravaganza. Beauty pageants, games and folk dances are held every year. The other events and festivals include Belize Independence day, St.George's Caye day, Belize City Carnival, Boxing day, Costa Maya Festival and deer dance festival.

Hygiene in Belize

The intensity of Malarial infection is very low when compared to 1980's. However, several cases of Malaria are reported every year in remote areas. Extra precaution has to be taken while traveling to marshy areas. Use insect repellents when you visit swampy mangrove areas. Apply sunscreen lotion to avoid sunburn and consider drinking lot of water.

Customs of Belize

Deliver what you wish to express in a non-abrupt manner as they usually tend not to get straight to the point when they communicate. Inquiry about the other person's wellbeing is appreciated. Gift wine or dessert when you visit someone's house. Belizeans don't physically show affection by touching or patting. Do not look directly into elder people's eyes while talking.

Tips for visiting Belize

Change all the currency notes before you leave the country as it is almost impossible to exchange even in the neighbouring countries. Book your accommodation in advance. Plan how to get there and figure out the best way to get around the city.

Food of Belize

Mexican and Caribbean flavours are found in abundance in many of the dishes . Breakfast usually includes : Fry jacks ( deep fried doughs ) , flour tortillas ( flat bread ) .The fry jacks are often eaten with cheese , eggs , beans along with coffee , milk or tea. Rice is commonly eaten with chicken and pinto beans for meals . Coconut milk is also often added to it for flavour. Other dishes include : Tamale ( banana leaf wrapped dough ) , Escabeche (soup with onion / meat ) , Chimole ( black spicy sauce ) , Cebiche or Ceviche ( marinated sea food) , Belize fruit cake which is a traditional rum cake , cashew wine , Cochinita Pibil ( slow roasted pork ) . Fruits and vegetables are fresh and they are quite cheap . Street stalls sell food for low prices.

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FAQs on Belize

How to reach Belize from India?

Reaching Belize from India can be very expensive as there are no direct flights and a minimum of 2 or more layovers is common. The stopover country can vary depending on where you start from. The main cities which fly to Belize are Chennai, Kochi, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Delhi, Mumbai, etc. The cost usually starts from INR 90k onwards and the journey consumes a lot of time (29-40 hrs)


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