Places To Visit in Belgium

Here are the top 2 tourist places in Belgium

1. Brussels

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Places To Visit in Belgium 11
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The capital city of Belgium, Brussels is considered the heart and the de facto capital of the European Union, and is home to many of the significant institutions of the EU. It is also the site of the headquarters of NATO, one of the most important international institutions of the world. Apart from ...

Best Time: March to May

2. Bruges

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Bruges is one of those few places that are soul stirring. A UNESCO World Heritage site, Bruges is Belgium's well preserved medieval city. Steeped in culture and architecture and unpretentiously Burgundian, the 'Venice of the North' will beckon you to unravel its mysteries, while you saunter along it...

Best Time: June to August

FAQs on Belgium

What is the currency of Belgium?

The sole currency in Belgium is Euro which is also used by 24 other countries in Europe. Euro is divided into 100 cents and the coins of the countries differ from others, but the bank notes remain the same. Despite this, the currency is accepted all over the country. The notes are in denomination of 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 200 and 500 and the coins are of EUR 1 and 2 and 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents. All credit cards across the world are accepted widely. Most shopping districts have the facility of paying by ATM cards.

What is the history of Belgium?

The history of the country predominantly is about how its neighbours like France, Germany and England, invaded Belgium. It was first invaded by the tribes of Germany and then during the 14th century it was ruled by Burgundy's French Duke. Under the foreign influence, the art, literature and trade and commerce flourished a lot. In the following centuries, the country was again invaded by the Spanish. Christianity started getting infused here since the 7th century and it created a lot of unrest and revolt during that time. There was a major war in 1568 where all the Low countries revolted against the Spanish and it lasted almost for a century followed by various treaties and political unifications. Belgium was declared independent in 1830. Again during the first world war, it was invaded by the Germans. After lot of struggles, it was finally out of the German grip.

What is unique about culture of Belgium?

Belgium does not have a homogeneous culture as the northern side is mainly inhabited by Dutch, the southern side consists of French and the north-eastern side has a German influence. Alo, it is an egalitarian society. The main religion in Belgium is Christianity, particularly Roman Catholics. There are three official languages in Belgium, namely, Dutch, French and German. The languages change from one region to the other. English is also widely spoken among the young generation so communicating there is not a problem as such.

How is Belgium divided into regions?

There are three federal regions in Belgium that are listed from North to South. The northern part is known as Flanders which is the Dutch speaking area of the country and has major cities like Antwerp, Ghent and Bruges. Brussels in the capital as well as the headquarters of EU. The Southern region Wallonia is the French speaking area with a little touch of German as well. Major provinces are Walloon Brabant, Liege and Luxembourg.
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