Getting Around Belgium

Getting Around in Belgium

Belgium being an extremely small country, travelling within the country is not a problem at all as most places are easily accessible and can be reached within a few hours. It has a really good and comfortable public transport system, which is affordable as well. The railways connect all the major cities, while towns and villages are connected by buses. InfoTEC website helps one plan a trip covering the entire country and travelling by public transport.

Getting Around Belgium By Rail

The entire country is very well-connected by trains run by NMBS. All the major routes pass through important cities like Antwerp and Brussels. The train tickets can be availed from the stations as well as online. Brussels has 5 major stations: Brussel-Zuid, Brussels- Centraal and Brussel-Noord being the busiest ones. The trains do not delay much and it is extremely comfortable travelling in a train.

Getting Around Belgium By Road

The road network in Belgium is pretty well connected with toll-free motorways and some secondary roads. Travelling around the country in a car is a really good option. There are companies that provide cars on rent. Buses also cover the entire country, along with metros and trams in major cities. Going from one city to another is convenient by bus, and they are slightly cheaper than trains as well. Kusttram, the tram runs almost along the entire Flemish seaside from Adinkerke to Knokke-Heist. Brussels and Antwerp have subways as well.

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