Road Trips From Jaipur - The Pink City

Road Trips from Jaipur

Hola folks! Jaipur has its fair share of resplendent forts and a multitude of other such places. However, a road trip from the pink city falls in an entirely different category. So if you are in Jaipur and you love taking a road journey to one of those favourite destinations of yours, or just for the heck of it, here is a list of the places you can visit on your motorbike (did I hear someone mentioning Royal Enfield?) or on your four-wheeler. Who cares? What matters is your commitment towards the journey and a penchant for witnessing the tarmac fall behind you.


Here is the list of 8 Road Trips From Jaipur - The Pink City

1. Jaipur to Delhi


67 photos

240 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Humayun's Tomb | Hauz Khas Village | Qutub Minar

Delhi, eh? Naam hi kaafi hai! NH 8 was a pleasure to drive through until a few years later. Shoddy maintenance has turned the roads into a virtual nightmare for the commuters. You can choose to proceed via Fatehpur Sikri and Agra instead, for they form a part of the golden triangle circuit in India, and the roads hold forth the promise of being decent. NH 8 has plenty of restaurants serving excellent food along the way. So much so that you might be spoilt for choice. Get going then! After all, 275 Kilometres is by no chance way a very long distance. Is it?

Best Time : October to March

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2. Jaipur to Udaipur


58 photos

334 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Lake Pichola | City Palace, Udaipur | Sajjangarh Palace

This one journey holds the promise of remaining firmly seated in your memory for quite some time to come. Proceed via roads which have been maintained zealously and are as smooth as clarified butter. At the other end of the 421 Kilometres long journey, you’d be at one with the city of lakes. There might not be too many dhabas lining this road, but as it should not take you more than 6 hours to reach your destination, food, for the time being, could take the backseat. You my dear friend be must be at the wheels, meanwhile.
Tip: National Highway 79 is the best and the shortest route to reach Udaipur via road. there are other routes as well like the NH 12, but the traffic plying through those can be a bit menacing at times.

Best Time : October to March

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3. Jaipur to Jaisalmer


38 photos

484 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Desert Safari in Jaisalmer | Jaisalmer Fort | Gadisar Lake

Ah! The sparkling golden sands call out to you. The shimmering heat of the desert is of no consequence when bitten by the bug to keep moving ahead. For once, the 570 Kilometres (NH 15) distance between the two cities amounts to sheer nothing for the roads are in top-notch condition. One added advantage is that the road to Jaisalmer is dotted with a number of dhabas serving traditional Rajasthani cuisine, which do not require further elaboration. The villages along the route bubble with life. And to top it all, the people here are known to be a particularly hospitable lot.
Tip: You can choose to take the SH 19 as well. However, if you choose to take the traditional route via Jodhpur and Pokhran, you might be able to stop over to pay a visit to Kumbhalgarh Wildlife Sanctuary. The choice is yours.

Best Time : October to March

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4. Jaipur to Bikaner


24 photos

273 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Junagarh Fort | Karni Mata Temple | Lalgarh Palace

Ever been to one of those bikaneri sweets and snacks shops in your vicinity? Bikaner is the progenitor of all such savouries. And what is more, there is the famous Junagadh fort bang in the middle of the desert town. You need only pick up your motorbike and hit the tarmac on NH 11 which connects the two cities of Rajasthan. The 335 Kilometres distance can be covered, without many hassles, in about 6 hours. The vibrant desert life racing past you shall remain embedded in your memory quite firmly.

Best Time : October to March

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5. Jaipur to Agra


145 photos

222 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Taj Mahal | Fatehpur Sikri | Agra Fort

Agra is a living testimony to the love and compassion of mankind. Home to as many as three UNESCO World Heritage sites, Agra is a piece de resistance. Meanwhile, a road trip from Jaipur to Agra on a Royal Enfield is enough to allay your frenzied nerves, as Agra is located categorically on the Golden Triangle tourist circuit. NH 11 is by far the best route to follow while traveling to Agra from Jaipur. The roads are excellent and the distance too (265 Kilometres) isn’t that great as well.
Tip: Drop in at Fatehpur on the way to Agra and be dazzled by one of UNESCO’S World Heritage Sites.

Best Time : October to March

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6. Jaipur to Mount Abu


15 photos

401 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Dilwara Temples | Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary | Nakki Lake

Mount Abu is a traveller’s paradise and has a number of offerings up its kitty. However, you need to take the road trip first in order to be captivated by its scenic beauty. The roads are welcoming and as you approach Mount Abu via NH 14, the undulating and jagged peaks of Arvallis shall provide you meaningful company. Proceeding via NH 8 and then onto NH 14 is the preferable route, but it should not in any way that you should be averse from taking any other available route.

Best Time : October to March

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7. Jaipur to Ranthambore


22 photos

122 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Ranthambhore Fort | Kacheeda Valley

As if the prospect of an exciting date with the tiger wasn’t enough, the highway connecting Jaipur to Ranthambore (Jaipur-Kota Road) is something of a photographer’s paradise. The entire stretch is liberally dotted with scenic villages which epitomize the exquisitely rich culture of the state. Not to say anything about the numerous roadside dhabas to douse the pangs of hunger which so eagerly squirm inside you. The 180 Kilometres long stretch is altogether in a decent condition, with an agonizingly long potholed patch pf 20-25 Kilometres in between.
Tip: It should take you no more than 4-5 hours at the most to reach Ranthambore. And if you choose to take the route via Tonk, you might find the roads in a better condition.

Best Time : October to Apr

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8. Jaipur to Mumbai


69 photos

921 kms from Jaipur

Known For : Marine drive, Mumbai | Gateway of India | Colaba Causeway

Though the distance might actually put you off at the very outset, once you begin the journey it won’t take you long before every shred of doubt is cast aside. The roads on this side of NH 8 are better than those on the side of Delhi. Since this road passes through Gujarat for a substantial chunk of it, you’be absolutely delighted to witness the indigenous culture of the state on display. Dhabas are aplenty on this route, as there’d be plenty of options to feed your belly and move on!
Tip: The distance of around 1175 Kilometres wouldn’t hurt you much, as long as there is enough fuel in your tummy and your vehicle’s fuel tank.

Best Time : October to February

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Road trips are always fun and an unforgettable experience especially when you have friends around.

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