Places to Visit Near Pachmarhi

Places to Visit Near Pachmarhi

Here is the list of 8 Places to Visit Near Pachmarhi

1. Van Vihar, Bhopal, Bhopal

Van Vihar, Bhopal, Bhopal
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Located in the city of lakes, Bhopal, Van Vihar is a National Park and a Zoological Space that operates under the guidelines of the Central Zoo Authority. It is located just adjacent to the Upper Lake in Bhopal, near Shymala Hills. The animals here are kept closest to their natural habitats, making it a haven for people who love nature. You can spot a vast variety of animals including leopards, cheetah, Neelgai, panthers, etc. as well as birds such as kingfishers, bulbuls, wagtails, and some migratory species.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 210 km

2. Hoshangabad, Bhimbetka

Hoshangabad, Bhimbetka
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Lying along the banks of river Narmada in Madhya Pradesh, the district of Hoshangabad is a charming tourist destination which has a number of tourist destinations located in and around it. It has been named after Hoshang Shah, the first ruler of the Malwa Region. Hoshangabad is blessed with a mix of natural sightseeing and historical monuments that includes a number of picture-perfect attractions such as the prehistoric Bhimbetka Rock Shelters, Pachmarhi - a cool hill station, and the refreshing Adamgarh Hills.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 118 km

3. Bhojpur, Bhimbetka

Bhojpur, Bhimbetka
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The enigmatic temple of Bhojpur is an incomplete Hindu temple situated in the Bhojpur Village of Madhya Pradesh. Dedicated to Lord Shiva, it houses a 7.5 feet high lingam in its sanctum and is believed to have been constructed in the 11th century during the reign of King Bhoja. The temple's construction was left abandoned for reasons that are still unknown. Construction material can still be found at the site, with architectural plans engraved on the surrounding rocks.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 180 km

4. Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh - The inspiration for 'The Jungle Book'

Pench National Park, Madhya Pradesh - The inspiration for 'The Jungle Book'
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With the majestic Pench river flowing through the greens and a variety of wildlife to be spotted in the rocky terrains, Pench National Park served as an inspiration for the famous novel 'The Jungle Book'. Home to a variety of flora and fauna, Pench is one of the most popular national parks in the Central India. The serene surroundings of rich woody forests with the occasional sightings of wild animals make this national park an ideal tourist spot.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 209 km

Best Time: October to June

5. Upper lake, Bhopal

Upper lake, Bhopal
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The capital city of Madhya Pradesh holds a significant number of lakes hence widely known as Bhopal the city of lakes. Upper Lake is the most significant lake of Bhopal commonly known as the Bhojtal. It’s the oldest human-made lake in the country that lies on the west of Bhopal. The locals also call it Bada Talab. Serving around 30 million gallons of water the lake is a primary source of potable water to the residents of the city.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 216 km

6. Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh - The land of the Stupas

Sanchi, Madhya Pradesh - The land of the Stupas
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Known For : Sanchi Stupa The Great Bowl Ashok Pillar

Located in Madhya Pradesh, the Buddhist monuments of Sanchi are one of the oldest stone structures in India. Designated a World Heritage site by UNESCO, the Great Stupa was installed in the 3rd century BC by Emperor Ashoka of the Mauryan dynasty. The sculptures and monuments present at the site are a fine example of the development of Buddhist art and architecture. The stupa sits atop a hill in Sanchi, 46 km from the city of Bhopal.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 201 km

Best Time: July to March

6 Sanchi Attractions

7. Vidisha, Madhya-pradesh

Vidisha, Madhya-pradesh

Vidisha, a quaint town in Madhya Pradesh is one of the few, less heard of, unconventional places of historic importance. Located near the state capital, Bhopal, it has a rich cultural heritage a number of magnificent monuments, temples and ruins. This place is a huge tourist spot in MP and if you’re a history enthusiast or intrigued by archaeology, this is one place you cannot miss out on! The town is located at the confluence (sangam) of Betwa and Beas rivers, 9 km from Sanchi and to the east of the Betwa river.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 188 km

8. Madhai, Bhopal

Madhai, Bhopal

Madhai is a quaint town located in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Madhai is serene and peaceful because of which this place becomes an ideal holiday destination to get away from the pell mell of the city. The place is rich in biodiversity and the lush greenery that wraps the whole place is mesmerizing. This is an ideal place to unwind and spend some quality time with your loved ones. Madhai is also a treat for nature lovers as the myriad variety of flora and fauna that is found here will leave you enchanted.

Distance from Pachmarhi: 207 km

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