Day Trips from Sharm El Sheikh

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Day Trips from Sharm El Sheikh

Sharm el-Sheikh, a coastal city in Egypt, serves as an excellent base for a range of captivating day trips. Travelers can embark on excursions to iconic destinations like Mount Sinai for sunrise vie (Read More)ws, St. Catherine's Monastery, or the stunning Ras Mohammed National Park for snorkeling and diving. Sharm el-Sheikh's strategic location provides numerous day trip options, making it a diverse and dynamic travel destination.

Here is the list of 6 Day Trips from Sharm El Sheikh

1. Dahab - 85 km

Dahab - 85 km
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Known For : Dahab Blue Hole Scuba Diving in Dahab Sunrise Hike to Mount Sinai

The quaint coastal village of Dahab is located on the southeastern coast of the Sinai Peninsula, 80 kms from Sharm el-Sheikh. This Egyptian town enjoys solitude in the form of isolated beaches and laid-back Bedouin hospitality, making it an ideal holiday destination for those who like simple-yet-luxurious vacations.

13 Dahab Attractions

2. Saint Catherine's Monastery-210 km

Saint Catherine's Monastery-210 km

St. Catherine’s monastery is a renowned UNESCO world heritage site. The ancient pilgrimage exists at the foot of the mountain in Saint Catherine town, Sinai Peninsula. The Oldest inhabited monastery and library in the world, it is home to texts and manuscripts in some of the most ancient languages in the world.

3. Colored Canyon-188.7 km

Colored Canyon-188.7 km

About 90 kms north of Dahab lies the Colored Canyon or Salama Canyon, which is said to be around 800 meters long. The Red Canyon derives its name from the phenomenon that occurs when sunlight hits the granite rocks of the canyon. The rocks illuminate with a reddish glow, making the Salama Canyon a magnificent experience. 

4. Tiran Island- 20 km

Tiran Island- 20 km

Tiran Island is a popular tourist destination near Sharm El Sheikh. Water sports such as snorkelling or scuba diving amongst the four rich coral reefs near the island are popular activities while on a tour of Tiran Island.

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5. Ras Mohammed National Park- 40km

Ras Mohammed National Park- 40km

The Ras Mohammed National Park is Egypt's first national park and marine reserve. It is located on the Sinai Peninsula, 12 kilometres from Sharm El Sheikh city. The National park is spread over a vast desert with sand dunes, mountains, and valleys overlooking the exquisite red sea reef. Visitors can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving amongst the red sea's natural reefs and aquatic animals.

6. Mount Sinai-202 km

 Mount Sinai-202 km

Mount Sinai is one of the most renowned tourist spots in Egypt. It is also known as the St. Catherine Hike and is home to the sacred pilgrimage site of St Catherine’s cathedral. There are two trails en route to the mountain. The oldest and easiest is the Camel trail, which is an upward-going trail. The name, as it suggests, is due to the trail's flatness, which allows camel rides to the summit. The second trail taken while travelling back to the monastery at the foot of the mountain is called the steps of repentance. It is famous for the 3750 steps believed to have been made by a repenting monk. A local guide and Government clearance are mandatory to hike the sacred mountain.

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