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Villa Rebar is a former estate of a high-ranking fascist dictator which is now nothing but a haunting ruin. Its location at the edge of a Croatian forest along with a mysterious history makes it one of the most riveting sight-seeing experience.¾

If you have a soft point for scary things, head straight to the Villa Rebar situated on the Medvednica mountain. Built by a former fascist dictator Ante Pavelic in 1932, the villa was initially used to build secret tunnels so as to connect the place to military bunkers. The villa also served as the abode of Ante Pavelic in the World War II. He used the place mostly for his military escapades. Pavelic fled the place after the War and the place was eventually refashioned into a resort for recreational purposes. Its haunting origin aside, a fire in 1979 ripped the villa of all its beauty reducing it to its stone foundations--the basic structures on which it was built. Since the incident, the property has remained deserted, adding to the mysterious charm that it beholds.

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