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Merapi Volcano, Yogyakarta Overview

Mount Merapi, also known as Gunung Merapi is an active volcano situated on the periphery of the Central Java and Yogyakarta territories, Indonesia. It literally translates to to Fire Mountain in Javanese, In fact, it most recently erupted in 2018 and can still be seen spewing ash and smoke at periodic intervals.

Surprisingly enough, however, there are still villagers residing on it flanks. It has been identified as one of the 'Decade Volcanoes' - one among the 16 volcanoes worthy of study. It is wise to check the weather and the current conditions before trekking or hiking to this place.

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Constructed in the style of an actual volcano, The Merapi Volcano Museum has displays that include a scale model, which displays eruptions from the eighteenth century until today and how they changed the mountain's shape. There are old seismometers in plain view. There's a seismic tremor test system, a film screening the narrative of the 2010 emission and profiles covering volcanoes of Indonesia and the world. The entry fees are 10,000 RP. 

The main floor contains a collection of gallery articles that are separated into rooms with subjects such as Volcano World, On The Merapi Volcano Trail, Man and the Mountain of Fire, Earthquake and Tsunami, Disaster Movement of Soil, Diorama, Survey Tools, and Extra-earthbound Volcano.


Consistently erupting for the last 10,000 years, it would be fair to assume that some of the eruptions of Mount Merapi pre-date even the human settlement around it. le eruptions happen each a few years, and bigger ones every 10–15 years or so. Exceptional eruptions, regularly causing numerous deaths, have happened in 1006, 1786, 1822, 1872, and 1930. In fact, The volcanic devastation is believed to have prompted the collapse of the Hindu Kingdom of Mataram.

How To Reach Merapi Volcano

A taxi from Yogyakarta airport to Selo and back will cost around Rp 1,000,000. The drivers will wait for you while you climb Merapi and will return you to your lodging. Selo has neighbourhood guides who will take you to Merapi. 

You can also employ a bike in Yogyakarta around Rp 75,000/day and ride out to the summit. Ride out to Selo. From Selo ride up the lofty street (on the right as you come into Selo) to the trail entrance where you can leave your bike. 

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