Jomblang Caves

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Timings : 8:00 AM - 12 Noon

Time Required : 1-2 hours

Entry Fee : 450,000 Rp

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Jomblang Caves, Yogyakarta Overview

The Jomblang Caves are a part of a cave system that reaches the whole of Gunung Kidul. The cave had formed around a thousand years ago when the soil and vegetation had collapsed under the surface of the earth. It had created a sinkhole that was roughly 50 m wide and up to 80 m deep. Over the thousand years, supported by the 'Heavenly Rays,' which is a daily 3-hour window of sunlight that enters the cave, helped an incredible underground forest take root.

The Jomblang Cave are vertical caves with a forest with a diverse type of vegetation from the land above it. Some of the flora still exists because of the water from the Kalisuci river at the bottom of the cave. Besides the cave being unique, the cave has also had a history of the allegedly being used as a place to execute PKI victims and as the location of mass murder.

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Caving and Forests

To enter the Jomblang Caves, you need to be dropped through the vertical caves by rope using a Single Rope Technique (or, SRT). As daunting as it might sound, it is quite secure under the supervision and guidance of the experienced guides at the cave. Prior experience is not a necessity. You will be provided with coveralls, boots, a helmet, headlamp and an SRT set upon arrival. Your guide will then brief you about the safety and demonstrate the process. 

When everyone in the group is comfortable, you will begin your descent into the cave. The adrenaline rush of stepping over the cave is worth it because, at the bottom of the cave, there is an incredible ancient forest waiting for you. The ancient forest at the bottom of the cave offers a majestic view of various kinds of vegetation. Every side of the cave is interesting to explore. With the surroundings of the cave still natural and its unique cave wall. The trees in the forest are not like the trees that are found above. They are a smaller size as they receive less light and the leaves are different from the usual leaves.

Tour Price and Entrance Fees

Approximately only 25 people are allowed in the cave per day due to conservation reasons. It is thus advised to book beforehand. If not that then make sure to arrive extra early to get a spot. If you're interested in seeing the heavenly rays beaming into the cave, the best time to visit the caves is when the sun is at its highest point between, which is usually between 10 am and 12 pm.

It is advised to bring an extra pair of clothes with you as it is highly probable to get dirty. The entrance fee for the Jomblang Cave is around 450,000 Rp per person. This cost also includes lunch.

How To Reach Jomblang Caves

  • Jomblang Caves are at a distance of 50 km from the city of Yogyakarta and it takes about one and a half hours up to two hours to reach. The route that is most preferred is from Jogja to Wonosari that continues to Semanu village.
  • The Jomblang Cave can also be reached by public transportation like taking a bus. Once you leave the Adisucipto airport, bus KOR 3B line is available for the Jomblang Caves. The route of the 3B bus is from Yogyakarta to Wonosari.
  • From Giwangan bus station in Yogyakarta, you can catch a bus that is headed to Wonosari, and then take a minibus bound for Semanu. From there, it is only a 3 km walk or an ojek (bike) ride to reach the caves. 
  • The most convenient way to reach the Jomblang cave is by renting a scooter. Scooters can be easily rented in Yogyakarta and will cost around IDR 70.000 or IDR 100.000.
  • The other most convenient way to reach Jomblang is by taking a private car from Yogyakarta. Just before Jomblang, you can stop at the Jetis Wetan village chief’s house to leave all your belongings while you’re caving and to use the bathroom to clean off afterwards. 

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