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Q. would may 2nd-3rd week be good for this trek ?

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Shivam Sharma

3 years ago
No sagar , valley of flower mostly open in 1st of July. Sometimes in last week of May. . Because at end of the may snow start melting. If you are planning to go to valley of flower you should go in (Read More)month of June. Because at this time you can definitely find snow in some places..
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Q. Want to travel solo at this place which would be my first solo trip. How to reach and what about hospitality of people ? Is it worth a solo trip or should i consider some other place elsewhere ?


3 years ago
It is a beautiful place and the people there are very hospitable. You will definitely enjoy your trip. This might be of some help to you-

Q. Is it possible to reach valley of flowers by 2 weeler


3 years ago
It depends on where you are travelling from. People do take road trips to Valley of flowers.

Q. The Valley Of Flowers Trek is on. Will it be very difficult for me considering that I've never trekked before?

Devyani Chandra

2 years ago
the trek is about 50-55 kms long and it takes about 4-5 days to complete the trek. You have to be physically fit to do it.
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