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Sadiya, Tinsukia Overview

Situated in the Himalayan foothills, Sadiya is one of the sub-divisional headquarters of Tinsukia. It sits at the confluence of three three major rivers, Dihing (Tsangpo in Tibet), Dibang and Lohit that create the mighty Brahmaputra. It has an elevation of about 400 feet and stands on a grassy plain. Sadiya is a small town but is home to extraordinary scenic beauty and a rich historical background. The flower 'satful' is also a major feature of this city.

The vast plains and the white sand adorning the banks of the rivers make it a beautiful tourist destination. A boat or ferry ride on the Brahmaputra can be an enchanting experience. Sadiya is mainly famous as the place of origin of the Sutiya dynasty and for its Tameshwari temple. It is a Shakti temple that can be accessed by taking ferry rides from the Dhola Ghat. It is an important site for archaeologists owing to the beautiful architecture. The roof of the temple is made entirely of copper ('tam' in Assamese). Hence, the name. There are many other Shaivik temples where Deori tribes used to worship in ancient times. Two major ones are Burha-Burhi Thaan and Boiragi Thaan.

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History of Sadiya

The name 'Sadiya' found an actual mention during the 13th century when it was a part of the Sutiya or Chutia kingdom. It remained as the capital until the 16th century. Before that period, it was known as 'Sindukshetra'. According to history, the Chutia king Ratnadhwajpal had good relations with the Gaur kingdom in Bengal. Unfortunately, a Gaur prince died while constructing a temple in Sindhukshetra. He was cremated here and to pay respects to him. The town was renamed as Sadiya after sava (corpse in Assamese) and diya (given). The Ahom rulers soon conquered Sadiya and placed an officer in the region. During that time, tribes from the hills used to trade rubber, wax, ivory, and musk for cotton cloth, salt and metal goods. It is believed to be a major trading link to Tibet, Myanmar and China.


The place also holds significance in ancient mythology. It is referred to as the first Vidarbha kingdom from Mahabharata which was ruled by King Bhishmaka. His daughter, Rukmini was of romantic interest to Lord Krishna, but his son Rukma wanted to wed her with another prince named Sishupal. Rukmini secretly communicated with Krishna and he appeared on the day of her marriage, fighting several men and carrying her away in his chariot. The actual Vidarbha kingdom is not certain, but Sadiya is a worthy contender.

Tips For Visiting Sadiya

1. Be sure to check out the Dhola-Sadiya bridge which is operational from 2017.

2. Best time to visit is during summer and winter months.

How To Reach Sadiya

Buses and trains ply regularly from Tinsukia to Sadiya.

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