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Vaigai Dam, Theni Overview

A lifeline for the districts of Madurai and Dindigul both as a source of irrigation and drinking water, Vaigai Dam is also a fantastic destination for picnics and casual afternoon visits with friends and family. Located across the Vaigai River in Theni district of Tamil Nadu, Vaigai Dam is a major source of irrigation water for Madurai district as well as Dindigul district. The dam also provides drinking water to Madurai and Andipatti. Owing to its 174,000,000 cubic metre capacity, the Tamil Nadu government has also constructed an Agricultural Research Station for research and cultivation of a variety of crops including rice, sorghum, black gram, cowpea and cotton.

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Entry FeeĀ 

Entry to Vaigai Dam area is free of cost to the public.

How to reach Vagai Dam

The closest town to Vaigai Dam is Andipatti which is 7km away. The centre of Theni is around 14km away. The dam can be reached from both of these places by hiring a car. The nearest railway station is Dindigal, located 61km away and the airport closest to the dam is Madurai, 80km away. 

Vaigai Dam is not only a lifeline for the region, flourishing the grounds with its gushing flow of water but also a beautiful spot to spend an afternoon admiring its sheer stature and the pretty scenery all around.

Best time to visit Vaigai Dam

To truly enjoy the majestic view of the Vaigai Dam at its full might, pay a visit right after the monsoon season between September to November. During this time, the river is full to the brim thanks to the heavy rain, and the water level is high, and all seven flood gates of the dam are open. Thus the water gushes out of the gates, and it is a spectacle to watch the roaring mass of white water flowing out.
Vaigai Dam with gushing water
Vaigai Dam with gushing water

Vagai Dam - Opening TimeĀ 

Vaigai Dam is open for visitors from 6 AM to 6 PM every day of the week. 

Vaigai Dam is an ideal location for casual gatherings and picnics with your friends and family. The staggering 111ft height of the structure itself is a magnificent sight to behold on your trip to Vaigai Dam. The body of the dam is illuminated every Sunday after the sun sets, making the whole area stand out in the darkness. It is an attempt by the Water Resources Department of Tamil Nadu, who is in charge of the dam to make it look more attractive and draw tourists and locals alike. the view from the dam 

Vaigai Dam illuminated at night
Vaigai Dam illuminated at night

Things to do at Vaigai Dam

When you are at Vaigai Dam, do visit the small but beautiful and well-maintained park, Little Vrindavan, with curated grass and blossoming flowers. There are two parts of the park which are connected by a small bridge. The park also happens to have a children's play area complete with swings, slips, and a musical dancing fountain which is in function between 6:00 AM and 8:00 PM on weekends and public holidays. 

Vaigai Dam Park
Vaigai Dam Park

The background against which the dam towers over the river is a very picturesque one as well. Lined with rugged hills and uneven levels of greenery, it serves as an excellent opportunity for shutterbugs. 

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