Places to Visit Near Theni

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Places to Visit Near Theni

Here is the list of 13 Places to Visit Near Theni

1. Chinna Suruli Falls, Theni

Chinna Suruli Falls, Theni

Located in the lap of wild, green forests, Chinna Suruli Falls is a picturesque destination to visit from Theni. It cascades all the way down from Meghamalai to form a pool of cool, sparkling water at the foothills of the mountain. Located around 54 kilometres away from the main centre, near the Kombaithozhu village, Chinna Suruli Falls is a lovely and serene destination to visit in and around Theni. It can be included in your itinerary of local sightseeing if you are visiting Theni and its nearby attractions.

2. Shanmuganathi Dam, Theni

Shanmuganathi Dam, Theni

Shanmuganathi Dam in Theni district of Tamil Nadu is a lifeline for the drylands like Pusarikoundanpatti, Appipatti, Sukkangalpatti, Vellaiammalpuram, Odaipatti and Sepalakottai - all agricultural villages of Theni. The beautiful dam is set in a serene location, right at the foothills of Meghamalai Hills, very near to the village of Rayapanpatty.

3. Suruli Falls, Theni

Suruli Falls, Theni

Suruli Falls is a beautiful waterfall in the Theni district of Tamil Nadu and one of the major tourist attractions of Theni as well. It is a perfect destination to get up close and personal with the nature and cool off in its pristine waters. Coming down from the Meghamalai Range, Suruli River falls into two stages to form the waterfalls of the same name. From a height of 150ft, Suruli Falls cascades down in a raging whiteness to gather into a pool and then fall for another 40ft after a short distance.

4. Kumbakkarai Falls, Theni

Kumbakkarai Falls, Theni

Located in Dindigul district near Theni in Tamil Nadu, Kumbakkarai Falls is a mesmerising waterfall that is situated at the foothills of the Kodaikanal hills. The water cascades down in two layers- at the first stage, the water collects at the rock boulders and recesses. And in the second stage, it falls down the layer of rocks. These recesses are named after wild animals like tiger, snake, elephant, cheetah etc.

Distance from Theni: 34 km

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5. Vaigai Dam, Theni

Vaigai Dam, Theni

A lifeline for the districts of Madurai and Dindigul both as a source of irrigation and drinking water, Vaigai Dam is also a fantastic destination for picnics and casual afternoon visits with friends and family. Located across the Vaigai River in Theni district of Tamil Nadu, Vaigai Dam is a major source of irrigation water for Madurai district as well as Dindigul district. The dam also provides drinking water to Madurai and Andipatti. Owing to its 174,000,000 cubic metre capacity, the Tamil Nadu government has also constructed an Agricultural Research Station for research and cultivation of a variety of crops including rice, sorghum, black gram, cowpea and cotton.

6. Periyar National Park, Thekkady

Periyar National Park, Thekkady
4.5 /5 View 10+ photos

The Periyar National Park in Thekkady, Kerala, is one of the most bio-diverse regions in the world and the best-protected reserve area that one can lay eyes on in India. Famous for its gorgeousness, greenery and stillness, the park is the dwelling place of abundant significant species, including the royal tigers and majestic elephants apart from other reptiles, fishes and birds. This National Park is an amazing coming together of nature, adventure and beauty.

Distance from Theni: 90 km

7. Munnar, Kerala - Tea Gardens, Lakes and Pretty little hill-station

Munnar, Kerala - Tea Gardens, Lakes and Pretty little hill-station
4.5 /5 View 38+ photos

Known For : Munnar Tea Plantations Atukkad Waterfalls Rose Garden Munnar

The idyllic hill station Munnar - famous for its tea estates, exotic lush greenery and craggy peaks, is located in the Western Ghats, in the state of Kerala. It serves as the commercial centre for some of the world’s largest tea estates. In addition, Munnar has many protected areas which are home to endemic and highly endangered species like the Nilgiri Thar and the Neelakurinji.

Distance from Theni: 99 km

Best Time: September to May

48 Munnar Attractions

8. Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu - The Princess of Hill Stations

Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu - The Princess of Hill Stations
4.4 /5 View 25+ photos

Known For : Green Valley View (Suicide Point) Kodaikanal Lake Bear Shola Falls

Located in the state of Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal is one of the most famous honeymoon destinations in India. When you think of Kodaikanal, you think of a wonderful climate, cliffs covered in mist, cloud-capped mountains and beautiful lakes and valleys, and once you visit this hill station, you will find that every bit of what you have imagined it to be is true. Nestled amidst the rolling slopes of the Palani Hills in Tamil Nadu, Kodaikanal stands at an altitude of 7200 feet above sea level and has a cool, pleasant climate all year round.

Distance from Theni: 97 km

Best Time: September to May

35 Kodaikanal Attractions

9. Ooty, Tamil Nadu - Queen of the Nilgiris

Ooty, Tamil Nadu - Queen of the Nilgiris
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Known For : Nilgiri Mountain Railway Ooty Lake Emerald Lake, Ooty

The Blue Mountains have always been shrouded in mysticism, and Ooty is no exception to that. For every mountain lover, the very idea of travelling to the city known as the Queen of the Hills holds an allure like no other. Once regarded as the summer headquarters of the East India Company (and for a very good reason), Ooty, also known as Udagamandalam, is a hill station in Tamil Nadu which serves as a very popular tourist destination for anyone looking for a picturesque place to relax and unwind.

Distance from Theni: 325 km

Best Time: Throughout the year

43 Ooty Attractions

10. Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu - City of Temples

Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu - City of Temples
4.4 /5 View 17+ photos

Known For : Brahadeshwara Temple Gangaikonda Cholapuram Shiva Ganga Garden

Also known as Tanjore or the city of temples, Thanjavur has a lot of cultural value and is known for its famous Tanjore paintings, antiques and handicrafts, textiles and saris , its Carnatic music and musical instruments and of course the temples. Thanjavur enjoys a rich historical heritage and holds a very important position in the moulding of ancient as well modern south Indian civilization. Being of religious importance, this place is a must for all pilgrims. There are many religious places in and around the district.

Distance from Theni: 245 km

Best Time: October to March

11 Thanjevur Attractions

11. Kutralam (Courtallam), Tamil Nadu - The Land of Majestic Waterfalls

Kutralam (Courtallam), Tamil Nadu - The Land of Majestic Waterfalls
4.2 /5 View 19+ photos

Known For : Shenbaga Falls Five Falls Main Falls

Courtallam, also known as Kutralam, is a perfect getaway from Tenkasi and Tirunelveli. A small town bordering Kollam District, Courtallam is famous for its waterfalls on the Western Ghats. With captivating panoramic vistas, the township is popularly renowned as 'Spa of South'. It has nine waterfalls in the region that add a charm to its exotic beauty. One will also find Kutrallam adorned with ancient temples reflecting the age-old legends attached to them. The town itself like many other cities of India narrates mythological folklores adding to its mystique.

Distance from Theni: 199 km

Best Time: July to March

9 Kutrallam Attractions

12. Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu - The Traditional Urban City of Tamil Nadu

Tirunelveli, Tamil Nadu - The Traditional Urban City of Tamil Nadu
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Known For : Kalakkadu Wildlife Sanctuary Papanasam Agasthiyar falls

Tirunelveli, also called Tinnevelly, is a big city in the midst of numerous small towns, each with its own bounty of beautiful sights, temples, waterfalls and much more. Unlike many temple towns, this 2000-year-old ancient city also does offer many other sites to its tourists. The city is located on the west bank of the Tambraparni River which provides irrigation water for crops of rice and cotton.

Distance from Theni: 211 km

Best Time: October to February

32 Tirunelveli Attractions

13. Vellore

3.2 /5

Known For : Vellore Fort Jalakandeswarar Temple St. John's Church

An ancient city in the northeastern part of Tamil Nadu, Vellore is located on the banks of river Palar Vellore. Nicknamed ‘The Fort City’ due to the marvellous Vellore Fort which sits at the heart of Vellore city, it is an ideal place to glimpse Tamil Nadu's rich cultural heritage through its temples. Contributing for 37% of the country's total leather export, Vellore is primarily known for two premier institutions, Christain Medical College and Vellore Institute of Technology. Apart from this, the city is known for the Ratnagiri Temple and Roman Catholic Diocese.

Distance from Theni: 488 km

17 Vellore Attractions

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