Shanmuganathi Dam, Theni Overview

Shanmuganathi Dam in Theni district of Tamil Nadu is a lifeline for the drylands like Pusarikoundanpatti, Appipatti, Sukkangalpatti, Vellaiammalpuram, Odaipatti and Sepalakottai - all agricultural villages of Theni. The beautiful dam is set in a serene location, right at the foothills of Meghamalai Hills, very near to the village of Rayapanpatty.

Shanmuganathi Dam is built across Shanmugha River and stretches for about a kilometre. Given how important the dam and its water is for the nearby villages for drinking, cooking, cleaning as well as for irrigation purposes and growth of necessary cash crops like grapes and coconuts; it is aptly named after the most revered God in Tamil Nadu - Shanmugha or Lord Murugan, the Tamil avatar of Lord Shiva’s ward and the War General of the Gods, Lord Karthikeya.

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Opening Hours

Shanmuganathi Dam is open all around the clock for the public. However, it is ideal to go during day time. 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM is perfect for a visit to Shanmuganathi Dam.

Things to Do in Shanmuganathi Dam

The main attraction of Shanmuganathi Dam is its serenity and tranquillity. Located amidst the greens of Malabar Hills, the Dam and its adjacent rippling water create a lovely ambience for a day out or a picnic. There is a Shanmugha Temple nearby within 1 kilometre, where resides an idol of Lord Murugan. You can visit that if you have time and pay your respects.

Best time to visit Shanmuganathi Dam

The best time to visit Shanmuganathi Dam is right after the monsoons end. The monsoon rains fill the water bodies to the brim, as a result of which they are a spectacle right afterwards. Visit from October to March, and you will not only experience a gushing scene of the water at the dam but also get a pleasant enough weather.

How to Reach Shanmuganathi Dam

To visit Shanmuganathi Dam, you will have to hire a car from the main area of Theni or simply book a ride from the hotel you are staying. You can pay a visit while you are out for sightseeing in and around Theni.

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