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Brahmaputra River, Sualkuchi Overview

Nestled in the bosom of the great Himalayan mountains, the Brahmaputra is a 'Trans-Boundary River' that flows through China, India, and Bangladesh. Among the many towns and cities, it covers on the way, is the quaint town of Sualkuchi. Sualkuchi is situated in the Kamrup area in Assam. The lush scenery of the Sualkuchi Forest range shielding the massive breadth of the river bed is a sight to behold! The agricultural fields that stand in stark contrast also present an enchanting view. A visit in the evening to the banks of River Brahmaputra will leave you in a complete trance. The sight it offers is spellbinding with the sunset bathing the river in multiple hues of the dusk.

Apart from being well-known for the serene beauty of the Brahmaputra River, Sualkuchi is famous for its cottage industries. The main contribution of this town in handloom industry is that of Sualkuchi silk or Assam silk, earning it the moniker of "Manchester of Assam". In addition to the natural beauty of this place, you might also want to visit the villages here and get a taste of the local lifestyle or tap into your spiritual self at the various temples, Namghars and monasteries here. Visit Sualkuchi for a tranquil weekend away in the lap of nature.

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Silk fabric of Sualkuchi

One of the most popular industries in Sualkuchi is its silk industry, which was established in this village in the 17th century. Known as "Manchester of Assam" the Sualkuchi village has a large number of textile industries specializing in fabrics such as the Muga, Pat, and Eri. As you take a walk through the dirt roads of this village, you can hear the gentle and rhythmic sounds of looms weaving precious silk fabric away. This skill is so prominent in Sualkuchi that people believe that weaving comes naturally to the inhabitants of this village.

The process of creating a saree begins with drawing of the designs on a graph paper, following which holes are punched along the lines of the same to create punched cards. These motifs are mostly inspired from the flora and fauna of the state such as peacocks, deer and rhinos, or can also be an illustration of the 'Jaapi' or traditional Assamese hat. Weaving a single saree can take about six days if not more, and the end result is always a spectacular piece of clothing ready to adorn its owner. Cotton and Khadi textiles are also woven but silk weaving is the most well-known.

Naw - Khel in Sualkuchi's Brahmaputra

In addition to its kaleidoscopic silk fabrics, Sualkuchi's annual boat race 'Naw - Khel' mesmerizes tourists from all parts of the world. Held in the months of July-August, this event is organized to commemorate the death anniversary of the great poet, Shrimanta Shankardev. The monsoon months sees the Brahmaputra in its full swing which makes it the perfect venue for holding this sporting event. Boating enthusiasts from different  communities take part in Naw - Khel, making this event a fun - filled event that promotes harmony and well - being of the society as a whole. The view of the tiny boats racing each other against the verdant mountains and in the crystal blue waters of the Brahmaputra is a pleasant sight to savour.

Activities in and around Brahmaputra at Sualkuchi

A number of interesting activities await you in Sualkuchi. If the art of silk - weaving entices you, you can enrol in Gurukul programmes to learn weaving techniques in the village workshops. A boat ride out to the Brahmaputra is the perfect way to relax and unwind and you might even catch a glimpse of the Gangetic dolphin, or live life like the locals and catch fish with the fishermen here.

How to reach Brahmaputra River

There are frequent bus services from Guwahati to Sualkuchi. You can also hop aboard a ferry to the Brahmaputra River in Sialkuchi which ply from the banks of Northern Guwahati. 

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