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Kazan Cathedral, St. Petersburg Overview

Also known as Cathedral of Our Lady of Kazan, this is a majestic cathedral built at the beginning of the 19th century.

The Kazan Cathedral is an imposing structure constructed on the Nevsky Prospekt. It serves as an important symbol of the Russian victory over the French army of Napoleon after the war in 1912. It is the resting place of Russian Field Marshall Mikhail Kuzotov, who commandeered the most important campaign victory over the French. The cathedral itself is magnificent, made in semi circular shape around a garden and a small fountain. The inspirations of the structure were taken from the Basilica of St. Peter's in Rome. Inside, the cathedral is adorned with massive columns throughout, just like the colonnade on the exterior. Various religious artwork occupies spaces inside the church, adding to the grandeur of the church. After the Bolshevik revolution, the cathedral's services were shut down and the Museum of the History of Religion and Atheism was established inside. Although the cathedral has since resumed services, it still houses the museum, albeit with the ommitance of the word 'atheism'.

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