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Temi Tea Garden, South Sikkim Overview

One of the most picturesque tea gardens in North-Eastern India is the Temi Garden that finds itself in the state of Sikkim. Located in Ravangla, it is the best tea estates not only in our home country but the world. The Government of Sikkim brought this tea garden into existence during the year 1969. It covers an area of about 440 acres and employs around 450 people. 100 metric ton of organic tea is produced annually by the dedicated hard work of the employees. The top quality tea of the Temi Tea garden has earned fame even in the international market. This plantation provides a beautiful scenic getaway for the tourists.

Evading the use of agro-chemicals; the Temi Tea estate uses only organic fertilisers in the production of tea. The way to this tea garden is just a trailer for its mind-boggling beauty. Full of cherry blossoms; walking through the path takes you to the misty pink world that ends up with the fragrance of a variety of tea leaves. You can even visit the factory to learn the process of tea making. If lucky then you might get some to slurp in as samples. A courtesy of Sikkim's government, the Temi Tea estate even has a bungalow which serves as an accommodation to the tourists visiting the garden. Leaving behind the bars of age, from youngest to the eldest anyone can come here to relish the freshness of its green world. 

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History of Temi Tea Garden

Before the creation of this estate what existed was Sherpa Village that had ten acres of nurseries managed by the Forest Department. These nurseries surrounded the Missionary Building which served as both the office and residence for Divisional Forest Officer. During the times when India was under the British Colonial Rule, this building was a landmark site for Scottish missionaries. The Government of Sikkim got hold of it in 1954. It was in 1969 when the government converted the place into Temi Tea estate. The slopes of land are a part of Tendong hill range. Today, the operations take place according to the guidelines of Tea Board which is an association of the state government. Sang-Martam Tea Growers' Cooperative Society has been established to promote the good quality tea production.

Flora in Temi Tea Garden

Temi Tea Garden's greenery engulfs in itself many plant species. The variety here has no end. Alnus nepalensis (utis), Engelhardia Spicata (mahua), Symplocos (kharane), Magnolia Champaca, Machilus (kawla), etc. are a few species that grow here. It also has Eupatorium and Artemisia cultivations. In the vicinity of this tea estate also lie large cardamom plantations that cover a good amount of forest area. The way into the garden is made more beautiful by planting cherry and pines. These cherry blossoms are a trailer to the pleasantness that waits for you inside.

Accommodation near Temi Tea Estate

If you want to stay closest to the aura of this Tea Estate then below are the two options for you to choose from. These two are the nearest places of accommodation to the Temi garden.

1. Temi Dak Bungalow- Revisit the pages of history as you stay at the garden's colonial bungalow. This huge Dak Bungalow was built during the times when Britishers were ruling the Indian states. Today, it serves as an accommodation for the tourists visiting the Temi Tea estate. A well-furnished building with two bedrooms and windows opening to the most picturesque views is perfect to cherish the warmth of overwhelming surroundings. It also has a fireplace for the times when snow covers the mountains, and cherry blossoms become more lively. During such chilly evenings, you can light the fire while sipping a cup of tea made with fresh tea leaves brought from the garden.
Tariff- INR 1500 per night

2. Cherry Resort- Built over a lush green carpet of tea garden, the Cherry Resort offers a 360-degree view of Tista River and majestic Mt. Kanchendzonga. With spacious rooms, each having a mind-blowing view of the entire landscape outside, it is perfect for a getaway in the laps of nature. This resort is one of the prettiest hotels in Sikkim. No stretch of imagination can define the beauty it serves in front of your eyes.
The rooms here are divided into four categories.
a) European Plan- Rooms ranging from INR 2700-4800
b) Continental Plan- Rooms ranging from INR 2900-5200
c) Modifies American Plan- Rooms ranging from INR 3300-6000
d) American Plan- Rooms ranging from INR 3700-6800
For more information regarding tariffs, you can check the resort's official website.

Best Time To Visit Temi Tea Garden

March-May is the time when you can enjoy visiting the Temi Tea estate as during these months the sun is not too harsh on the skin. The weather, therefore, is quite pleasant with the place is ornamented with vibrant fields of rhododendrons and orchids.
After May, November is perfect for exploring the beauty of the garden. Before November (July-October), the place is prone to rains and after it (December-February) to snowfall. Therefore you must visit when the cherry blossoms bloom to their fullest, and the green land appears to be more fresh, welcoming the season of chills and snow. 

How To Reach Temi Tea Garden

Situated in Ravangla, the Temi Tea Garden can be reached by taxi and buses. The nearest town is Namchi which is 21 km away from the tea estate. It takes an hour from here to reach the final destination.

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