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Holland Village Tourism

Holland Village, or Holland V as most locals call it, is a Bohemian inspired village in the central region of Singapore. In the recent decades, the place has been a hub for several expatriates who find comfort in the streets of the village which is first and foremost known for its diversity. The village is also a popular place for the youth of Singapore as it is surrounded by renowned educational and international institutions. It is made up of roughly four main parts, namely- the lanes, Lorong Mambong and Lorong Liput, Holland Avenue, and Jalan Meran Saga. Holland V has made its name in Singapore as being a free-spirited chic neighbourhood that comforts everyone and with its variety of choices and a friendly atmosphere.


Holland Village, like most of the other neighbourhoods, has a rich and unique history. The area used to be a host of huge plantations and nurseries in the early days. After a few decades, it received a reputation for having some of the prime spots for residential premises and was named Holland Village by the Dutch in honour of Hugh Holland, an early resident from the area. The trademark of the neighbourhood that has been a constant throughout the years is the windmill on top of the Holland Village Shopping Centre. Today, Holland Village is a neighbourhood where old rustic houses meet new age and sleek ,modern designs and form a happy fusion.

Holland Village Singapore
Holland Village (Source)


Holland village is known for the famous line of bars, pubs, clothing shops and other places that litter its streets and make them the epitome of free spirit and relaxation. What many don't know is that many of the trends that now seem common were started right in this neighbourhood. In the 80's, Holland Village's Palms Wine Bar was the first wine bar in the nation, and its popularity and unique thinking started a trend of wine bars all throughout Singapore.

The trend of vegetarian dining was brought forward by Australian- Italian Original Sin who specialised in Mediterranean vegetarian and was located in the Chip Bee Gardens in Holland Village. Gourmet Coffee Shops which are insanely popular was also introduced in Singapore by the opening of Coffee Club in this very neighbourhood. Other trendsetters that take residence in this neighbourhood are Batter Batter, Milano Pizza and one of the most famous pubs, Wala Wala.

Holland Village Singapore
Line of bars and pubs at Holland Village (Source)

Art and Culture

It is no surprise that a street so distinctly Bohemian will have tons to do for all the artists or enthusiasts visiting the quaint place. Holland Village has been seen as a relaxed atmosphere and a place for people to unwind from the grind of everyday lives while also enjoying in style.

Wala Wala
The Wala Wala Cafe and Bar has been around for a very long time and has a reputation of being one of the best pubs in the neighbourhood. Aside from the different types of beer available on tap and the lively atmosphere, the establishment is known for its live music played by local bands and musicians.
The musicians play on all days of the weeks after the clock ticks 7:00 PM and attracts a full crowd on every one of these days.

Taksu Gallery
The Taksu Gallery has taken base in Holland Village and has very aptly fit in with the atmosphere and the shops that line the streets. Providing its own charm, the Gallery is maintained and owned by Suherwan Abu and is known for showcasing urban art pieces.

Tuesday to Saturday- 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sunday- 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Taksu Gallery, Holland Village Singapore
Taksu Gallery (Source)

Bynd Artisan

The Bynd Artisan is a unique store in Holland Village and one that attracts several individuals out of curiosity. The shop specialises in personalised leather goods with an array of trinkets and commodities to select for personalisation. The shop also holds workshops and handicraft lessons taken by its own artisans and craft persons.

Monday to Friday- 12:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Saturday and Sunday- 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Pop Art Street Gallery and Frame Society
The Pop Art Street Gallery and Frame Society both cater to artists and art enthusiasts but have very different outlooks. The street gallery, as the name suggests, is held in the open and also open to all who wish to take a look at interesting art forms and try a hand in interpreting them as well as learning something. The Frame Society, on the other hand, is a shop that sells framed artwork as well as photographs of the highest professional quality.

Timings (Frame Society)
Monday to Saturday- 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM
Sundays Closed.


The shopping scene in Holland Village is not as grand as it once was, but the stores that still make the streets pop with its unique sense of style and colours have not failed to impress. These stores are sometimes the main reason many of the locals and tourists alike visit the neighbourhood.

Ling Wu
The famous store has made a name for itself in the past few years and is now almost synonymous with the goods it sells. Ling Wu is a brand that specialises in luxury handbags, clutches, wallets etc. and has been well accustomed among the other fashion labels at the Chip Bee Gardens in Holland Village.

Monocle Shop
If the famous international magazine is your go-to inspiration guide, the shop will not disappoint. One of the three shops worldwide who offer their coffee along with the magazine as well as a customised line of clothing and accessories, Monocle Shop has been a well-frequented store on Holland Street.

Shopping Malls
The two shopping malls namely, Holland Village Shopping Centre and Holland Road Shopping Centre are frequented for some light shopping. They are largely famous for their unique souvenirs and the independent market that thrives in the Holland Village Shopping Centre.

Holland Village Singapore
Holland Village Shopping Malls (Source)


Holland Village MRT Station- Orange Circle Line
Commonwealth MRT Station (6 minutes away) - Green east Line
Exit from the left and take bus 970. Alight at the second stop.
Buona Vista MRT Station (6 minutes away) – Green east Line

10 Bus Stops are situated in the Holland Village, all of which are a 5minute walk from each other.
Bus Nos. – 7, 32, 48, 61, 74, 74e, 75, 77, 91, 95, 100, 105, 106, 111, 145, 147, 165, 185, 191, 196, 198, 200, 970, NR5, and NR8.

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