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Dempsey Hill Tourism

Dempsey Hill has been a budding neighbourhood in Singapore in the last few years and has attracted not only tourists and locals but also many businesses to set up shop. The neighbourhood is known for its elegant colonial houses and the picturesque sites amongst its shrubbery. The entire hill dates back to the 1860’s and has a rich history from being a plantation area to British Army Barracks and finally being transformed into the modern complex with hints of its heritage now. Being five minutes away from the hustle and bustle of Orchard Road, Dempsey Hill provides a safe haven for all those looking for a more laid back and calm atmosphere to spend their evenings.

Today, Dempsey Hill is mainly famous for the variety of shops lining its streets which range from vintage stores selling antique to modern high-class furniture stores. Galleries ranging through all art forms are also common in this area along with a vast amount of cafes, bars and restaurants that are sure to delight your taste buds. A sea of tourists also visits this place for its natural beauty and rich architectural style.

Dempsey Hill Singapore


The galleries at Dempsey Hill have been renowned throughout Singapore and some across the world. These galleries range in several art forms, and their displays are often illustrious and curious enough to call out to art enthusiasts. Some of the galleries also dabble in a variety of unusual yet equally splendid displays which are sure to catch the eye.

REDSEA Gallery

Established in 2001, the REDSEA Gallery is known to put on displays and artwork of artists from around the world. The gallery, however, specialises in the works of South East Asian, European and Australian artists. The pieces by these artists are generally modern contemporary works using different art forms such as sculptures. The gallery is always bursting with life and is also known for hosting various events to suit the host’s requirement, whether it is an elegant cocktail party or a small affair.

Opening Hours:
9:30 AM to 9:00 PM (Daily)

REDSEA Gallery, Dempsey Hill Singapore
REDSEA Gallery (Source)

Lotto Carpets Gallery

One of the aforementioned galleries that dabble in unusual or unique displays, this retail shop and gallery is home to some of the most elegant and detailed carpets. All the carpets displayed in various fashions at the Lotto Carpets Gallery are handmade, and the owner insists that each of the rugs and carpets have a story and history of their own weaved through them. The rugs also range from old and rare selections to oriental rugs and carpets found in the homes of several locals. The Lotto Carpet Gallery is also said to have one of the largest collections of carpets in South East Asia.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Friday- 11:00 AM to 8:30 PM
Saturday and Sunday- 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Pearl Lam Galleries

The internationally renowned Pearl Lam Galleries have set up shop in the up and coming Dempsey Hills and have soon become one of the most frequented galleries in the neighbourhood. Launched out of China, the galleries have around 20 years of experience and an extensive roster of artists from all over the world. The displays and exhibits at the Pearl Lam Galleries focus mainly on the theme of spreading cultures of various places in other cities and countries and engaging in cross-culture. This has led to a massive success and a gathering of curious minds at Dempsey Hill.

Opening Hours:
11:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Daily)

Pearl Lam galleries, Dempsey Hill Singapore
Pearl Lam Galleries (Source)


Three trails at Dempsey Hill called the Nature-Heritage Trail, Epicurean Trail and the City Dwellers Trail, are often used and very famous amongst first-time visitors. Each of these trails specialises in different services or parts for which Dempsey Hill is famous and helps in acquainting you with the very core of the neighbourhood.

Nature Heritage Trail

Nature and heritage trail takes you through a walk down memory lane by introducing you to the several famous historical sites of Dempsey Hill. These sites were all present when the hill was known as the Tanglin Barrack and was lined with white colonial houses. Some of the sites seen on this trail are the Cricket Ground, St George's Church, CMBP Parade Square and the Tanglin Military Hospital. The trail is a perfect opportunity for history buffs to acquaint themselves with the rich heritage of Dempsey Hill.

St George's Church, Dempsey Hill Singapore
St George's Church (Source)

Epicurean Trail

Aside from its rich history, Dempsey Hill has been favoured by several individuals due to the cafes and restaurants that fill its nooks and create an aromatic flavour in the air. Foodies are sure to enjoy the Epicurean Trail that shows just what makes Dempsey Hill a centre for the restaurant industry in Singapore. On this trail, you will experience culinary masterpieces like the Black Pepper Crab at Long Beach or the award-winning Chilli Crab at Jumbo and the mouth-watering South Indian at 30-year-old Samy's Curry.

City Dwellers Trail

The City Dwellers Trail at Dempsey Hill is fit for those who enjoy exploring the luxuries that each neighbourhood has to offer. The relaxed trail offers you a chance to have a meal at some of the best restaurants in the neighbourhood while also spending the day at the spa and other such activities.

Restaurants at Dempsey Hill

Dempsey Hill has no shortage when it comes to its restaurants that serve up delicious food. However, some of these stand out from the others in terms of ambience, food menu, or just the general theme. The White Rabbit along with the Rabbit Hole is one such restaurant. Based on the theme of Alice in Wonderland, The White Rabbit is has a mystical aura and is a favourite for children. The Rabbit Hole in the restaurants garden continues with the theme but is an exclusive hideout for gin and wine lovers. Dempsey Cookhouse and Bar is also a must visit as the Michelin-star Chef Jean Georges Vongerichten provides impeccable service with quality dishes. The Vintage styled Green Door and Indian specialising Muthu's Curry are also worth a visit.

White Rabbit restaurant, Dempsey Hill Singapore
White Rabbit Restaurant (Source)

GoGo Bambini

GoGo Bambini is one for the kids. The place is an indoor playground where children can play in controlled surroundings and without a care in the world. The place is equipped and stocked with all the required items to make the child's experience at the playground a memorable one.

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday- 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM
Friday to Sunday- 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM

Entrance Fee:
SGD 25 per child for 2 hours
SGD 12 is subsequently added for every additional hour

GoGo Bambini, Dempsey Hill Singapore
GoGo Bambini indoor Playground (Source)


Botanic Garden Station (Circle Line and Downtown Line)

Botanic Gardens
Bus Nos. – 7, 75, 77, 105, 106, 123, 174, 174e, and NR8
From the Botanic Gardens, a shuttle service will take you till Dempsey Hill.

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