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Ream National Park, Sihanoukville Overview

Ream National Park is located in the Prey Nob district of Sihanoukville Province in south-eastern Cambodia. It consists of a part of the mainland, including thick forests and 21 islands rich in marine life. Ream is one of the most visited national parks in the country as people visiting Sihanoukville come here to experience a combination of abundant wildlife and marine life. It is worth planning a day trip if you are visiting the province, especially if you are traveling with kids.

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Best time to visit

December to March is the best season to visit the national park, which offers green and scenic views along with perfect weather for all activities. The best time to visit Ream National Park is in the morning when the weather is relatively pleasant and is suitable for treks and watersports.

Ticket details

There is no entrance fee for Ream National Park. There is 1 USD parking fee. You pay for the activities that you want to take up. For Hikes, it costs 2 to 3 USD per person for guides. The boat trips cost 6 to 7 USD. Kayaking and other gears can be rented for about 3 USD per hour per person.

Things to do in Ream National Park

Depending on your preferences, there are plenty of activities to do in the national park. There are trekking trails in some stretches of the primary forest, which are well-marked and not challenging, which will take you through the dense wildlife and flora. You can come back from any of these short treks for refreshing boat trips, that passes through coastal mangroves and takes you to many of the beaches along the coast. Maya Bay is a popular area and a base for all tourists looking to indulge in beachside activities. You can stop at any particular beach or take a round trip in the boats. You can enjoy swimming, snorkelling, Kayaking and diving in some select island areas. Boat tours are offering some or all of these, that can be bought directly at the park.

You can head to any of the beaches if you don't prefer any water sports or treks and intend to relax. There are many cafes, restaurants and pubs along the coast, quite lively in the evenings and popular hangout spots for tourists wanting to enjoy sunset views.

Ream National Park History & Significance

Ream National Park was established in 1993 to the government of Cambodia to conserve and protect the endangered wildlife and forests in the areas along the coastline of the Gulf of Thailand. It is the first national park founded and one of the seven such parks in the country, which also includes popular nearby Koh Thmei, Koh Seh and 19 other smaller islands. The thin stretch of land spreads for over 15,000 square kilometres overlooking the ocean is home to coastal rainforests, fresh-water wetlands, salt-water mangroves, beaches, coral reefs along with white sand beaches.

PrekTeuk Sap river separates the National park, which flows directly to the ocean on the other end. On the west side of this river are two hills, the enormous hill being 900-meter high Phnoum Mollou. It is the highest point in the park and offers splendid bird views of the coastline and forests from the top, which is a famous landmark for tourists. A waterway course PrekSampouch lies between these hills, which is known for all watersport activities. On the other end of the river is the PrekTeuk Sap estuary, a narrow scenic stretch of water.

The park is home to more than 150 endangered birds of prey, different species of storks, kite, various types of wild eagles, seagulls, pelicans, cranes and more. Wildlife consists of tigers, rhesus monkeys, deers, macaques, and bears. The long stretch of coastline spreading over 6000 hectares is home to abundant marine life, including coral reefs, dolphins, many species of turtles and fish.

Some of the white sand beaches in the national park are occupied with resorts and clubs. Also, more than 30,000 people live in the nearby communities bordering the park, all threatening the conservation. Restricting their influence, spread and damage the national park has been putting commendable efforts in preserving the vibrant ecosystem.

How To Reach Ream National Park

Ream National Park is located about 18 km from the city centre of Sihanoukville. It takes about 1 hour to reach. The best way to get there is to hire a cab for about 50 USD for a round trip including waiting charges. Tuk-Tuks are also another option, although it might not be a convenient one, which costs about 30 USD for a round trip. You can also reach by renting a motorbike for about 10 USD per day.

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