10 Restaurants in Sihanoukville for the Best Culinary Experience

The restaurants in Sihanoukville are famous for the delicious South Asian Khmer food. But apart from the local cuisine, there many internationally-inspired restaurants and eateries which cater to the taste buds of tourists from across the world visiting throughout the year. Some of the international cuisines you can find here are Japanese, Italian, Russian and American. From beach shacks, roadside stalls, olden restaurants to fancy dining; Sihanoukville has everything on offer across all price ranges.

1. Khin's Shack

Khin's Shack at Sihanoukville

Located at the Sihanoukville seafront of serendipity beach, Khin's Shack is a restaurant which is easy to miss if you aren't paying attention. The speciality of this place is Khmer seafood and fresh scallop cooked in a BBQ grill which you will not find in any other places. And all foods and cocktails are affordable too.

Enjoying the sunset while having a cocktail and a scallop is a beautiful experience to have.

Address: Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 7:30 AM - 11:45 PM
Contact No: +855 12 738 086

2. Sandan


Sandan Restaurant is operated by one of the largest NGOs in Sihanoukville, where disadvantaged youths are trained for the hospitality sector so that they can provide for themselves. The training includes learning about trade, floor work, and service to cheffing.

The restaurant features a variety of local Cambodian cuisines. And if you don't know what to eat, Sandan offers an excellent "taster menu" where you can teste many of the local dishes.

At Sandan, the happy hours start from 5 pm till 7 pm, and they also organize dance performances every Friday from 7 to 9 pm. They also have a kids zone for children.

Address: 2 Thou Street, Serendipity Beach, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 11:30 AM - 11 PM
Phone: +855 34 452 4000

3. Ryoma 


Ryoma is a small Japanese restaurant in Sihanoukville. Decorated with Japanese architecture, RYOMA features a full-fledged tummy-tantalizing Japanese menu.

Whether you want a small snack to fill your belly or a full meal, Ryoma will fulfil all your requirements, that too with affordable prices. The signature dish here is Okonomiyaki, an impressive Japanese fusion of PIzza and Pancake.

There are two Ryoma Restaurants in Sihanoukville; one is in Serendipity Beach Road and another one in Golden Lions Roundabout.

Address: Sihanoukville 26539, Cambodia
Contact No: +855 97 334 2543

4. Starfish Bakery & Cafe

Starfish Bakery and Cafe

Starfish is a little bakery located at the heart of downtown Sihanoukville. It was started as a revenue generated project for the local NGO Starfish Project. A complete escape from daily life, Starfish is a place to relax, have a good time and taste the freshly made cakes and brownies. Starfish Bakery & Cafe are known for their brownies all over Sihanoukville. A wide variety of freshly baked bread and fruit juices are sold as well.

Address: Street 208, Preah Sihanouk 18000, Cambodia
Opening hours: 7 AM - 5:30 PM
Contact No: +855 12 952 011

5. Mike's Burger House

Mike Burger House

There is nothing more beautiful than meat squished between two buns. Mike's Burger House is one of the renowned Burger joints in Phnom Penh. And after the huge success in Phnom Penh, it has established another Burger Banger in Sihanoukville.

The owner Mike spent 30 years in California to learn and perfect the art of making Burgers, and after the collapse of the Khmer Rouge regime, they opened this awesome Burger joint in Cambodia.

Address: Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 9 AM to 10 PM
Contact No: +855 69 559 971

6. Queenco Hotel

Queenco Hotel

Located at the Independence beach, Queenco Hotel is a little gem. What is particularly special about Queenco hotel is the view of the sunset. The bar of the hotel is located directly at the beach. And the happy hours of the bar go perfectly hand in hand with the sunset. So you can enjoy the stunning sunset, relaxing in a deck-chair, with a drink in hand.

Queenco Hotel is also a leading hotel in Sihanoukville with great hospitality and luxury facilities. Despite being a luxury hotel located at a great spot, it's usually pretty quiet, especially away from the swimming pool.

Address: Victory Beach, Mohavithey Krong, District 3, Preah Sihanouk 18000, Cambodia
Contact: +855 34 933 733

7. The Pizza Company

The Pizza Company

Initially founded in Bangkok in 1980, The Pizza Company in Sihanoukville is now part of an acclaimed food chain. They mainly focus on serving pizzas, pasta, fries, and desserts. The variety of pizzas here will fill you with joy. Thick crust pan pizza, Stuffed crust with cheese and sausage filled pizza are some of the specialities here. They even have free home delivery and 30-minutes money-back guarantee.

Address: Ekreach St, Preah Sihanouk 18000, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 10 PM
Contact No: +855 23 880 880

8. Sana's Garden

Sana Garden

Sana’s Garden is a family-run restaurant in Sihanoukville. The place is equipped with a beautiful swimming pool surrounded by plants and trees, making it an ideal place to relax and enjoy.

The food here is mainly influenced by Thai and Asian dishes, but also they have western foods like sandwiches, pork ribs, etc.

Apart from foods, Sana’s Garden is famous for its Coffee, with freshly ground Khmer Coffee beans.

Address: 121 No 17 Street, Sihanoukville 18000 Cambodia
Opening hours: 11 AM - 9 PM

9. Kebab House Sihanoukville

Kebab House Sihanoukville

Located at the side of Serendipity Pier, Kabab House is a great place to enjoy delicious kebabs. The high quality grilled beef, chicken, lamb and even veggies with your choice of sauces are a delight to enjoy. If you are health conscious, then you can have Falafel or Hummus wraps, or if you are a sweet tooth, Kebab House has a huge variety of homemade desserts & pastries for you. The special dishes are chocolates and banana kebab with handmade chocolate sauce.

Address: Serendipity Beach Street (502), Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 10 AM - 12 AM

10. Invito Fine Dine

Invito Fine Dine

The Invito is a restaurant cum guest house on the side of Serendipity Beach & the Pier. The Restaurant features different kinds of Italian, Western, Thai and Khmer food. Woodfired Pizzas are especially famous here.

Soothing decoration and soft lighting of the place help to set the mood for drinks. The staff here are very friendly and will make you feel at home. Slightly on the pricier side, this place is suitable for everyone to eat. You can get many dishes at a discounted price.

Address: Serendipity Beach Street (502), Preah Sihanouk, Cambodia
Opening Hours: 24 hours
Contact No: 061 888 170

Did any of the restaurants in Sihanoukville from our list catch your fancy? Let us know down in the comments below if you have any suggestions and which ones have you ticked off of your list.

This post was published by Arnab Ghosh

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