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Shanghai Tower, Shanghai Overview

Shanghai Tower is China's tallest standing structure, and the world's second tallest, soaring into the skies at a height of 632 metres. Only the Burj Khalifa in Dubai is taller than the Shanghai Tower.

This staggering and imposing tower sits in Lujiazui in Pudong. It's construction was completed in 2015, though it is not fully open to the public yet. The public have access to the building's elevator system, which truth be told in itself is a state of the art system in a building with 128 floors. When exactly the building will open to the public is not yet known. Currently it has been overdue by just over a year. Even then, you just have to see the Shanghai Tower. Though since it's more than 600 metres into the sky, you'll probably see it from any open space in the city!

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