Longhua Temple

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Timings : 7:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Entry Fee : Admission - RMB 10,
With incense - RMB 50

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Longhua Temple, Shanghai Overview

Longhua is a Buddhist temple on the street of the same name and is also Shanghai's largest and oldest temple, tracing itÍs roots back to 242 AD.

This historic temple is a famous tourist attraction for it's spectacular architecture and it's many features. As you go along through the central axis of the massive temple, you will cross 5 main halls, each dedicated to a different figure holding importance in Buddhist history and a sixth hall, Cangjinglou or Sutras Keeping Hall, where the three treasures of the temple are stored, namely the Dazang sutras, the gold seals and the Buddhist statues. The halls and the axis are adorned with statues of Maitreya Buddha, the 18 Arhats and also the 500 Arhats. There is also a bell tower, a drum tower and in front of the main temple is the Longhua Pagoda. Due to the fact that the temple and the pagoda date back 1700 years, the complex has been victim to several wars and has been renovated numerous times since it's inception.

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